iOS 11.3 release


Don’t want to jinx myself, but whatever Apple did with iOS 11.3, it has made my iPad Pro 10.5 and iPhone SE SOOO much better. I’ve been frustrated with constant animation jitter, lag, UI stutter since iOS 11.0, and it drove me crazy all this being rendered on a 120hz screen. Kudos to Apple.

It’s not been long enough to really notice yet but hopefully they’ve also fixed the terrible iOS 11 battery drain. Fingers crossed.


I’m just disappointed that messages in the cloud was pulled out at the last minute


So am I, but I’d rather a proper implementation than a half-baked one.


Disappointed it’s taken them this long… but also very very very glad they didn’t ship a half baked version!

As I said on Twitter…


IOS 11.3 on my iPhone 6s plus is smoother now but 2 issues I’m seeing are.

  1. Battery health doesn’t work at all. I get a constant spinning wheel (I guess that’s why it’s in beta still) Using coconut battery tells me my battery is fine.
    I might add I had the battery swapped by a third party iPhone repair shop late last year when I noticed my phone being throttled. I thought that might be the issue, but I have found a reddit thread with a few others having the problem. Even with an Apple replaced battery.
    So I guess I’ll wait out on 11.4 to see if it’s fixed. Otherwise it might be iPhone upgrade time this year.

  2. iMessage occasionally after I open it the bar for typing a message is not available . I only see the conversation messages. I have to force quite iMessage and re-open it and it’s all good again.

Screenshot of battery health in a continual spinning wheel.

Bring on iOS 12, it can’t come soon enough for me.


A friend has an almost four year old iPhone 6 and battery health said it was 100% healthy even though she’s been having battery problems for ages. So I was wouldnt take too much stock in what it says.


Unconfirmed, but could explain what you’re seeing:


My battery health is 92 percent so I don’t think it was throttling before. Also iPads aren’t meant to throttle at all and I’ve seen the same improvements on my iPad.

Battery life is worse on both however…


My partners iPhone 6 is saying 100% health also. Original battery purchased on launch day.
I’m interested to see how 11.4 goes with battery health as results are all over the shop (or in my case, don’t work).


It’s a shame messages in iCloud wasn’t included, but yes I would rather they take the time that’s needed. I’m just surprised it’s taken so long.

What isn’t being spoken about too much but was in the iOS 11.3 betas (and now iOS 11.4 betas) is apple TV control from in HomeKit. So we will be able to automate turning off the Apple TV when we say ‘goodnight’ to Siri