iOS 12 Security Changes - irritating!


Geez the changes to accessing keychain in 12 is irritating.

On my Touch ID iPad it now constantly asked me to Touch ID EVERY time I need to load a password.

Even if I’ve logged into the iPad, and even if I’ve Touch ID’d a particular password multiple times that day!

Example, I access a work email via the safari maybe 20 times p/d, and have to Touch ID each time. I often have a coffee or sandwich in one hand so It’s a pain, and new to 12.

The cynic in me thinks it is meant to be painful to push me to buying a Face ID iPad.

Anyone know anyway of changing the settings so I don’t constanly get promoted? I can’t see any way of doing so.


You log into your work email 20 times a day, via webmail, instead of accessing it via an actual mail client like the built-in or Outlook?


Yeah its in Touch ID settings, turn off ‘Password AutoFill’.


That’s not uncommon. I have to do it for my govt job because I don’t want their oppressive profile to be installed on my phone to use the native apps.


I’d seriously consider giving up and using that profile for my phone, but we are so locked down there is no remote access to anything unless you’re on a work device. period.

Even with Office 365 it’s restricted so there is no ability to install the basic Office suite on personal devices. Some days I’m surprised we are allowed to send/receive email on work computers … for security reasons :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks But wouldn’t that then simply result in me having to enter passwords each time (which would be a nightmare), rather than Touch ID?


Yeah as others have suggested webmail is the only option with my work email.


And it’s not just work emails, it’s all the password website I access each day.

Once I Touch ID into my iPad I shouldn’t have to Touch ID EVERY time I got to a website that requires a password from my keychain.

It’s clearly designed with Face ID in mind (and works well with my iPhone Xs) but is a major pain using Touch ID…and thank god I don’t have a non Touch ID iPad!


They need a setting like for AppleID in the App store that can remember your authentication for either a period of time or for a session (until you turn off). That doesn’t help if you are putting the phone down between sites though since it’s likely to power off.

Would it be better to just unlock the keychain with your phone and NEVER require you to authenticate again? (At least as a switchable option anyway).


Not on my iPad. It just acts like the old way - the passwords appear on the text suggest section and you tap.


My cynicism seems to have been confirmed. I see the new iPad has Faceid.

As I suspected the irritating change under IOS 12 which has me using Touchid EVERYTIME I want to access a secured website is of course to encourage us to upgrade to a new iPad.

Will probably work and I probably will, but making changes that just annoy users to encourage them to buy a new product is, well, annoying.


Seems unlikely


I don’t get it - you can revert the behaviour back to the 11.4.1 version by changing a setting… I did it weeks ago.


Please tell me where? For I searched through the settings to see if i could switch of that annoying behavior but couldnt see how.


Settings, Touch ID, and then turn off ‘password autofill’ and it reverts back to iOS 11.4 autofill :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s seems to be the solution. Cheers that’s helpful!


I still miss the pre 11.3 behaviour where the username and password auto filled automatically, but I guess this the best we’ll get.