iPadOS - the new frontier


Who’s excited about it?

Looks like it will finally free the iPad from iOS and make it truly a potential laptop replacement.

Also, does that mean this post needs to go into a new category beside iOS on this site? :wink:

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I’m using it right now on my 10.5” pro. The single best thing is being ABLE TO USE A MOUSE. It’s simply awesome. Takes a bit of getting used to, but just fabulous.



I think ipadOS has everything on my Wishlist except maybe multiuser accounts.
Mitty, do you have a chance to test access to a corporate server (MS of course) in the Files app? I assume that’s what they man by SMB server in Files.
Also, is the mouse USBC or Bluetooth?



How much better is files?

The biggest limitation with files on iPad is what you can’t do - With iCloud Drive on the Mac, you can download whole folders and also set to download entire contents or optimise… Having to download each file individually is really annoying when you are dealing with large numbers of scans for family history for example.

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Nah, that would mean breaking up the six categories, six colours thing we have going on.

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I wonder how it’ll work on the iPad Mini given the limited screen size.

Smaller fonts in split screen? no split screen?

I’m a bit confused what’s actually new in iPad OS to be honest.



Re multi user accounts. Apparently in the corporate space on ipadOS you can load a profile with a unique corporate ID. The user can have their personal Apple ID alongside, completely separate but seamless. So good enough eh!