iPhoto troubles

Hi there all pretty new to the whole MacBook thing
I’ve got a mid 2010 MacBook
Had a lot of photos on from past phones

I recently changed the user name and login in password.

Gone back into photos now nothing almost like everything has been wiped off it.

Went into systems/about this mac saying there’s 46.34gb worth of photos aren’t find them anywhere.

Some help would be great

Check in your Pictures folder for “Photo Library”.
If it’s there double click it and it should open up in the Photos app.
The Photos app should default to using that library.

No photos came up.
Thanks for your help anyway

Welcome to the party, @Jlc :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that the photos are safe, but now stored under the old user?

If you open the “Macintosh HD” drive, there will be a folder called “Users”.

In there, hopefully there will be folders for both your new, and also the old, user names.

Open the older user folder, then “Pictures”, and you should then find the iPhoto library you are after.

It may require you to enter a password. It will be the old user profile’s password.

If that all checks out - you should be able to copy the library into your new user’s Pictures folder.

(Don’t delete the old one til you know it’s all working as you expect!!! Nothing worse than losing photos…)

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Thanks heaps
Worked well


Glad to help.