Life around Stonehenge... 2000BC?



I’ve been trying to write a story set partially in Amesbury near Stonehenge, circa 2000 BC. When I was at uni, I searched through the history books, but other than “hearing” of a couple of possibly useful books, I never really found much to tell me about simple day to day life of the time. I’d be reasonably happy to adapt information from other nearby villages if Amesbury is too specific.

I was hoping someone on here may have a lead for me to try get a hold on this particular topic…?




saw a BBC (?) doco a few months ago. seemed to outline a thesis that Stonehenge was linked by waterway to several other areas. perhaps try searching for UKK doco on subject. sorry, can’t be more specific.


I’ll take any tips I can get :). Thanks, will check it out.


I remember years ago reading Edward Rutherford’s novel Sarum. It includes a whole section set around the building of Stonehenge. However, I cannot remember whether the book includes any information on sources etc.


Thanks for the tidbit, @snarl. At this point I’d consider fiction if I can somehow confirm the author at least paid some attention to reality.

I think the main issue, from watching shows like Time Team, is that there is so much we don’t accurately know about the past… particular considering I’m not just after 2000 years ago… but 4000 years ago… !

Truth be told I’ve already drafted the story, but I don’t want to continue because I know there’s complete falsities in there, mainly surrounding “family life”. Just hoping I will be able to shoehorn the bones of the storyline into whatever facts I learn… :slight_smile:


I’ve just finished reading a trilogy by Stephen Baxter, an alternative history, which deals with that time (and later) though not necessarily the location. Might be worth looking at what he used for his research. Check The Northland Trilogy: Stone Spring, Bronze Summer, Iron Winter. I guess Stone Spring would be in the ballpark for you. Baxter appears to research in archaeology and paleontology for his ideas.


Thanks, @kyte! :slight_smile: My story crosses time too, so sounds great.


Professor Mike Parker-Pearson was director of the Stonehenge Riverside Project which did excavations in and around Stonehenge from 2003-2009 and is still seen as “the” Stonehenge expert. He believes that Stonehenge and the nearby Woodhenge and the Avon River were all linked. Woodhenge being linked with birth-life-fertility and Stonehenge being a burial place to revere the ancestors and the river the path from one to the other (this is my interpretation of his work). If you search his name or the Riverside project or Stonehenge a burial ground or Woodhenge you should get lots of info.