Mac/PC compatible PS4 Controller?


Just wondering if there are PS4 controllers which can also be used with a Mac and/both a PC?


The Dual Shock 4 works with PCs already over bluetooth or USB. Load up Steam and check for the updates, then once the latest update has installed, plug in your DualShock 4. It will work out of the box.


That works with a Mac too under Steam? Awesome!


Yes, the majority of games on Mac Steam are just steam plus a wine skin layer and the Steam app is similiar enough. The Dual Shock 4 support is built into Steam. It may work with other games that can understand the passthrough also. It should turn up in your system profiler under your USB as a “wireless controller” once it shows up its just a matter of configuring it to suit the game.

The difference with Steam is that they offer official support for the PS4 controller through their app. I’m not entirely sure about third party games. But there’s not that many of them either though. So you can try other games, and see whether they recognise it and can configure it, but each app will likely give different results.