Mac1 Website - Frustrating



My son needs an iPad, recent-ish model, 32+GB, Wifi for school this year, so I figured I’d check out Apple’s refurbs (not much there), and other such discount bargain bins. One such bin that I often used to peruse was Mac1’s Clearance List. So, I dropped by their website for the first time in several years, only to find myself becoming incredibly frustrated simply trying to navigate the site.

With Apple Stores no doubt soon marking the end of independent resellers… you’d think making it easy for customers to locate a product on your website would be a high priority…?




At least in some locations, I’ve found the Apple Stores aren’t cutting into the sales or service workloads of the independents at all. Here in Adelaide, the customers generally seem to either dislike the customer service at Apple or the location of the store. If I can sample the machines we have come in for service, most seem to have been purchased through the large retail chains like JB HiFi or The Good Guys rather than through Apple directly.

That said, I haven’t come across many independent resellers that have an online retail presence. Because Apple sets the recommended prices across the board and offers extremely low margins to resellers, it’s not feasible to compete on price and with many of the larger retailers (including Apple themselves) offering free shipping, if a customer is ordering online it’s a no-brainer. So many resellers these days appear to focus their web presence on end solutions and what services they can offer rather than actual product listings and prices.

MAC1’s website is actually one of the better ones I’ve come across in this regard. There are certainly some real shockers out there.


For a laugh, load this on safari.

Needs flash for the whole site. :joy: