MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Edition - Chargers


I knew it was bound to happen - I’ve rocked up at work with my new 15" MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Edition and I’ve realised I’ve left my charger at home.

We have a 29W USB-C charger hanging around the office for a 12" MacBook and I’m fairly confident it should be okay, but a colleague of mine has dropped the “you shouldn’t use that” line, citing that Apple issued a warning about it.

Problem is that I can’t find anything to back up his claim - anywhere.

I’d presume that using a lesser wattage power supply would flow power into the machine, but not charge the battery - much like using a 65w Magsafe with a MacBook that needed a 85w charger.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

PS: There is an Apple Store 10min down the road so I can go get another adapter to avoid this I the future, but I’m trying to avoid dropping more money on this!


He’s wrong.

No issues at all using a 29W other than it’ll discharge faster than it charges. So you may scrape through today if your MBP is at 100% but I’d say get a second charger for the office. Surely if you’re using the machine for work they can buy it for you?