macOS 11 Big Sur has landed

Upgrading our laptops and desktop now.

Looks like Apple is pushing for convergence, so that iPadOS and iOS apps are able to run on macOS.

Thoughts from others?

Haven’t upgraded yet.

This seems like a major change to the OS and upgrading at the bleeding edge just seems an unneeded risk to me.

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I upgraded immediately. The main thing I was looking forward to?

The messages app. The old one was not great. Overall though I’m liking the aesthetic of the update, looks clean. Notification centre looks good, so does control centre. No regrets on updating.

I’m probably not even eligible for upgrade… 2012 mac mini? I’ still on Mojave.

In my old age, I have become a cautious up grader. I also use Pro Tools to produce podcasts commercially and its never a good idea to upgrade your production machine until the good folks over at Avid give you the nod.

Does look good though.


Yeah, it’s 2014 and later for the Mini. I’m still running all Mojave or earlier on the machines I look after. I have some 32 bit apps I’m not ready to let go of just yet and Mojave works pretty well. Mail is buggy, but it seems to have always been this way.

I’m sure OS 11 is good and everything, but the look and feel does nothing for me. I still miss the coherence of OS 9 sometimes. Current MacOS still doesn’t have the designed-with-a-singular-vision vibe that the MacOS did. It’s far better in almost every other way of course, but the UX seems messy to me.

Can’t upgrade since Apple has placed an arbitrary limit on 2012 and 2013 Macs that are fully capable of running it.

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There’s always Dosdude1 when he makes a patch.

Late 2013 MacBook Pro, still on High Sierra. Meant to update but it rarely gets used. Might wait for a few point updates before updating as it seems some are getting bricked, although it’s 15” not 13”:

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Sadly not this year, but someone else has made a rudimentary patch. Surprise surprise, all the 2012 and 2013 Macs that they dropped are perfectly capable of running running it…

Have you had success with the Dosdude patches?

No, I havent really wanted to, I failed in getting HS to Mojave… but after insttalling it on my Mac Mini, decided that the Macbook is fine as it is. @kionon has had some success.