MFi Type-C to Lightning cable is coming really soon


I’m working for an MFi cable factory, according to our engineer said, upgraded Apple IC: C94 for USB to Lightning cable, and C89 for USB-C to Lightning cable are opened for sample purchasing.
Our sample order will be arriving in Dec. 15th, once it arrived, we will start to make samples and get our own PPID. Due to USB-C to Lightning cable is new for MFi factory, I think they might take two months to approve.
As long as we pass the test, we could start to make a bulk purchase on C89.
So basically, you might see the first MFi USB-C to Lightning cable after 3 months.


I hope they just go C on the phone port like iPad Pro. And the other end can be C or A depending on brick/source.


I agree with you. But give up the Lightning port, Apple will lose million dollars per year.