Mojave favourite features (close to a year on)


Hi All!

I am known for my negative posts, so here’s a positive one.

After nearly a year of Mojave, what are your favourite features?

Mine are:

  • Desktop Stacks: I have a really really really messy desktop, and desktop stacks has been a massive help in finding stuff.

  • Quicklook editing: I deal with a lot of scans and photos of documents, and being able to quickly rotate in quick look is fantastic!

  • Screenshots: While sometimes it is annoying that they take a bit longer to save then before, I love being able to quickly screenshot then drag to another application - or quickly mark it up.

  • Continuity Camera - I LOVE it! I’ve been cataloging my family’s collection of Cassettes and VCRs, which includes taking a photo of the spine, and just being able to use continuity camera is such a time saver. No taking the photo, airdropping and inserting anymore!

  • Dynamic Desktop: Not a huge productivity booster but I just love how cool it is to have the desktop change. Hope there will be more added!

  • News: I love News on my other devices, so it is a welcome addition to the Mac.

  • Voice Memos: Useful to be able to quickly take a voice memo and also to have super easy access to memos from my other devices on the Mac.

Anyone else have any favourite features?

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What is this? I don’t even know this feature!



This probably explains it better than I can :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was creating spreadsheets listing VCRs I was jut able to right click and insert a quick picture for each VCR straight into the cell.

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Stacks: use it, love it

Screenshots: use it, love it

Dynamic Desktop: love it, very disappointed Apple have only released 1 of them



Dark mode. Stacks. Due to my continued GTX 680 troubles, I’m back to High Sierra on my Mac Pro 3,1 and as I use the dark mode exclusively on the MacBooks, going back to light mode annoys me. I’m probably going to end up buying a second 680, since the price of the equipment needed to fix the first one is going to end up costing me more than the 680 itself. Siiiiiigh.