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The Guardian is reporting an Apple meeting with Californian officials from the US State’s Department of Motor Vehicles, prompting speculation Apple’s autonomous car may be closer than we originally thought. If Apple does join the autonomous vehicle race, it’ll be joining fellow technology giants Google, who already has several driverless cars in California. The Guardian is also saying Apple has…

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So has anyone else followed John Gruber and turned the lowercase keyboard off?

I have to agree that the Apple solution is a bit inelegant. The constant switching between upper and lower case on the keyboard is a bit weird. I’m running with the lowercase keyboard at the moment, but not sure I like it. It would have been better if Apple just fixed the shift key.

Could not disagree more. What’s the point of having a keyboard that changes according to what you’re inputting if it doesn’t actually change according to what you’re inputting? His whole argument that it’s distracting comes off as old man yelling at cloud.


Yeah, it’s kind of why I’m sticking with the stock keyboard for now. The only way it could be better is if Apple put the trackpad-like feature from the iPad into the iPhone, but a guy can dream…

I also like to the lowercase-uppercase approach. For me, after an initial period of adjustment, I like that the keys are visibly illustrative of state.

It is much easer to note whether shift is on or not with the actual letters on the keys reflecting this, rather than a shift key — blue or not.

It’s also an issue I have had with a PC keyboard and repeated inadvertent activation of caps lock — not that there is a solution available to that issue (beyond move the physical caps lock key).

I was out all day yesterday (in Vietnam) and tried out low power mode from the morning. Started at 94% at 10am and ended at 24% at 6pm. This was with fairly moderate use. Taking lots of photos and videos and some 3G browsing. Pretty happy with the result. iOS 9 battery life is better anyway and low power mode will be very useful I think!

They did just that with 3D Touch… (towards the end of the page)

One press turns your keyboard into a trackpad.
Press the keyboard within apps such as Notes, Mail, and Messages, and your keyboard behaves just like a trackpad. You can then use a cursor to easily select and manipulate text with precision.

That seems to be a trend with him lately :wink:

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Yeah, but there was no reason to not have it on the regular iPhone 6. I mean, it was in one of the earlier iOS 9 betas and worked fine.

But this isn’t the first time Apple has denied features to older generations of devices. Won’t be the last either.

Or only developed features fully for the US while what the rest of the world gets is half baked. I’m looking at you Siri and Apple Maps.

You can sort of understand it with Apple Maps though…mapping is time consuming and expensive, especially if you’re relying on your own gear to map for specific features and you’re not able to just purchase mapping data from a third party.

Agreed! Just like the setting to change the ringer switch into an orientation lock switch that appeared and then disappeared during the betas…no reason why we couldn’t have that as an option!

Although with the switch disappearing from the iPad and being replaced by a software option maybe the next iPhone won’t have a ringer switch at all?