Most people never upgrade their Macs


Yeah but… you havent accounted for the State Tax that Americans have to pay when they buy. You’ll only get those prices in Oregon or… ?Delaware? In Rhode Island theres another 15% on top and I think Arkansas might be around 7%. Well, it was once. Maybe more now.


Love it. And why oh why does he always look like he’s about to cry. Sheesh.


I’m not buying another new Mac until I literally exhaust all of the highest specced 2011/2012 MacBook Pros for my mobile and work needs, and the highest specced/upgraded Mac Pro Cheesegraters for my video editing needs. That is a LONG way off.

My 13" 2012 (but built and sold in 2015) MacBook Pro 9,2 is still under AppleCare until March of this year. It had new keys, a new battery, and a new charger added by Apple, under AppleCare only last year. It’s running the max 16GB of RAM and is running RAID 0 SSDs in both of the SATA connections (I replaced the optical drive, and kind of knew I would too, when I replaced my 2010, as I had already stopped using the optical drive at that point). This thing is very fast. Even though it’s now maxed (probably, unless internal changes to future SSDs could make the read/write faster?) and the CPU was always going to be the bottle neck (cannot be replaced, I don’t think? There was never an i7 for this model, right?), I predict it will be years before I need to replace it. I have kept it as near mint as possible, and there aren’t even scratches, dents, or scuff marks on the unibody. When it must be replaced, it will be with a 2011/2012 15" or 17". I give zero crap about retina display. My eyes are terrible anyway.

As for desktops, where I do most of my major video editing, I’m not even editing in 1080p regularly yet. I mostly edit in 480p or 720p because of the real, native resolution of my animation source. When I finally feel like my Mac Pro 3,1 can’t be pushed any further (and I only have 10Gbs of RAM and the dual quad core 2.8GHz Xenons in there right now), I’ll probably look into a 4,1 and flash it to 5,1, or a 5,1. Not interested in a 6,1, and I won’t have the funding for whatever insane price is going to be attached to the 7,1 (or whatever it ends up being).

The ONLY possible problem I can see with this is if Apple starts trying to intentionally break my access to MacOS versions or security updates, or my current Adobe CS5 suite starts freaking out on me. I only gave up Adobe Premiere 6.x a few years ago, and I was sullen and resentful about it. If it ain’t broke, I am not interested in changing it. If all things are equal (as is Sierra and perhaps High Sierra on my supposedly unsupported 3,1), then don’t try to keep me hardware out of the OS cycle. Eventually, I am sure, I will end up in a situation where I fall further and further behind in current OS, as I wait for jiggery-pokery on whatever “obsolete” Mac I have to let me keep going.


I view the issue as “Cost of Ownership”. Divide the price by the number of years the Mac is working and the subtract all the time ($) you don’t have to spend learning archaic interfaces and the time ($) spent trying to connect to printers and external devices and the time ($) getting rid of viruses etc. etc. Sure the Mac and Apple Products are more expensive but why would you buy a BMW with a Ford engine?


I dunno, man. Windows 10 is pretty sleek and unlike the automotive market most internals for PCs and Macs come from the same few factories.

A few years ago I’d be fully with you on the design and build of Macs, but this 2017 MacBook Pro I have is the biggest disappointment of a machine I’ve owned in many years. It has a very poor design and build quality. I could have done better with a new HP.


I would have to agree.

I’d say the exact same thing about my 2013 iMac.


The whole “it just works” ethos that surrounded Apple has gradually gone out the window since Jobs died, now we’ve got “it’s got to be thin and look good” instead.

So we have MacBook Pros that are no longer ‘Pro’ (because they can’t be properly upgraded).

MacBooks with keyboards that are unreliable and bad to type on.

And iMacs that overheat because they’re too thin.

And that’s without mentioning iOS which seems to become a bit less ‘better than Android’ each release.


To be completely fair this has been happening even while Steve was in charge.


Perhaps now is should be ’ it just works’


I dunno what you’re doing with your Macs but I’ve not had a single problem with a Mac since 2007, when my PMG4 died. Apart from playing with fire using beta versions of the macOS, I’ve rarely encountered any real problems…

Addressing Component Failures & User Error

Just using them.

The iMac 27 inch overheated (badly) and has been ‘fixed’ under warranty, but it still gets too hot.

The MacBook Pro keyboard has faulty keys (and I’d like to upgrade the memory but I can’t).

My iPhone 6S+ started getting very hot whenever I used it when it was on charge or hooked

Recently my iPhone 7 (which is less than a year old) has started doing the same thing.

Addressing Component Failures & User Error

I’ll address this in another discussion thread…