Move contacts/merge groups in iOS


A friends phone has an old group for contacts, and this was inadvertently set as their default.

The result is that the majority of their contacts are not backed up to iCloud. Can anyone recommend a simple way to merge the groups, moving all of the contacts from this other group into the iCloud contacts?

[these contacts are only on their iPhone and not on their MBP].

Suggestions Much appreciated.


Do they show under the “On my iPhone” group?

If so, the following should work:

  1. Backup iPhone (always before doing anything like this! :joy:)
  2. Turn off iCloud Contacts (choosing to “delete from iPhone”) - wait for it to finish and through you back to settings.
  3. Turn on iCloud Contacts again, and agree to merge contacts from iPhone into iCloud.

Once you do this, there will be no ‘on my iPhone’ contacts group.



thanks @jaysee

The phone has groups under iCloud (all iCloud) and Outlook (All Outlook, Contacts, Skype Contacts, WindowsLive contacts). I will try your suggestion and report back


I am not presented with an option to merge… :frowning: any suggestions??


You can’t merge contacts from iPhone to iCloud if they’re not on the iPhone (that is, they have no “on my iPhone” group in the Contacts app).

If they’re synced with another service, then you’ll probably have to export them from whatever service they’re synced to, then import into iCloud. Or there’s probably an app for that — Google, and take your pick.