Need birthday present ideas


Hi all

It’s my 48th birthday next month and I’m really stuck for ideas on what my wife and daughter can buy me.

I’ve decided I can’t justify a new 27" iMac or an Apple Watch so I’m looking for other ideas. They don’t have to be Apple related, I’ve been a computer geek for well over 35 years now plus I also enjoy music, movies and building lego models.

Any ideas? BTW - I’m based in NZ


Speakers of some sort. AirPlay or Bluetooth depending on when/where they will be used.

Depending on the car a new head unit with CarPlay.

Cufflinks, tie clip, fountain pen

Bunning voucher or tools from same. A dremel!

Experience of some sort, like rally driving!



The older I get, the more I appreciate the opportunity to experience things - tangible goods I can buy myself, an experiential gift is a bit more thoughtful IMHO.




Not with my buggered knees!


Socks? Or perhaps a nice tie? :slight_smile: