New purchases thread!


Went to Bunnings to buy this, which is supposed to be a Moretti, but it seems like Nu-Tec may also be Morettti because the one I bought (same price, N-T branding) is identical in every way to this model, including the price. Bought a Moretti pedestal fan last year which has 6 blades, the desk fan has 5. all good and so quiet, moved the pedestal to the loungeroom and can watch TV now without having to have the volume up to compete with the noisy window A/C. And its so COOL! The desk fan is now sitting on my dressing table and its equally cooling on a low speed. Comfy sleep and no noise.


Apple Watch Series 3 (Cellular). Nice 21st gift :slight_smile:

And I’ve already acquired two extra bands (Sport Loop and Double Tour) with another two (Milanese Loop and Nike) in the post… eek.


New shoe day:


I bought 2 Kelvinator split system AC units for the bedrooms because the lounge system doesn’t keep the bedrooms cool at night, they’re being installed on thursday.


Picked up a second hand (in mint condition) iPhone 7 256GB in Rose Gold for $650 as gift to someone :blush:

And also a pair of AirPods for casual use from Myer’s 20% off sale.

Need to hide the credit card now…


Early Christmas present. AirPods! These are an upgrade from cheap Chinese Bluetooth over-ear headphones.

So nice and small. Love the charging case and instant pairing.

Only downsides I’ve noticed so far is inability to change volume on the go without Siri. It’s be nice if you could do that with touch controls on the earpiece itself.


I thought the same until the latest watchOS update that launches the watch player when you start listening on your AirPods, you control the volume by twisting the crown. However without the watch I totally agree. I hadn’t realised how often I change the volume with the mic/remote on the wired EarPods particularly when running.


It’s a shame you can’t have one tap left/right for volume up down and double tap for skip forward/back. That would make the most sense to me.


That would be ideal. Much easier than Siri who I find to be quite obstinate when I try to communicate with her via AirPods!


I turned Siri off on day 1 :stuck_out_tongue:
She only lives on the iPad 3 on the fridge and only sets timers (which work about 90% of the time).


4k ATV
Sons of Anarchy seasons 1-7 on iTunes (discounted to $25)


$25 for all seven seasons? And when is this free weekend?


Picked up an Apple Watch 3 Nike edition with mobile


Purchased my kids a Nintendo Switch days after Xmas.

All I can say is I am blown away by Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This game is amazing and great to play portable. Oh how has technology come along way in this sort of stuff.

Can’t wait to get other games. Lego Worlds is good too and so is FIFA 18 on it too.


The maximum attainable speed on the FTTN VDSL connection at my house is…

wait for it…



Shame I can only afford 25Mbit with Telstra until I’m out of contract LOL


You should be able to get them to upgrade you to 50.


I asked and was told (in no uncertain terms) that it would cost me an extra $20 per month.

I mentioned the advertising on the Telstra web site saying that the $99 plan comes with 50/20 (which is the speed I was expecting to be connected at) and was told that was a ‘different’ $99 plan and I was on an older bundle, in contract and had to pay monthly for the extra speed.

I said “but I’m a new NBN customer” and was told “no, you’re an existing customer who has transitioned to the NBN” then I asked about re-contracting and changing to the new $99 plan and was told I’d be liable for contract break fees.

So I said no…


I’ve got true Fibre to the home. No copper here. Fibre comes from street and terminates into the NTU/NTD in garage that then provides 4 network ports as you can get upto 4 different providers provisioned if you want at once and FTA and Foxtel signal out of the NTU/NTD too (no tv antenna on roof needed or foxtel dish).

It’s great downloading at 10MB/s :wink:


How does one do this?


Basically the fibre comes into the NTU/NTD and the network provider who fibre connected the estate is Opticomm (anyways got other stories about those guys for another time).

They basically multiplex into the fibre the free to air and foxtel singals, the NTU/NTD has a coax output that decodes those streams. This gets connected into your usual tv amp that then distributes the signal to each tv point in your house. Pretty neat… but downside, if the feed dies that they provide this from. Everyone looses tv and foxtel signal.

Current speed test just now…