New purchases thread!


Picked up some of the new Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones last week. Pretty good so far, mostly using them paired to my Apple Watch at the gym…sound quality is good and they’re way more comfortable than some of the other wireless fitness headphones I’ve tried. They feel pretty much the same as the SoundSport wired.

That said there’s apparently been a recall for issues experienced by the excessively sweaty. Bose have already come out and said a revised version will be available at the end of August so might be best to wait :slight_smile:


While I love using a Plus, they don’t fit well in my pocket, and I find it hard to use one handed. 6 sized is as big as I’ll go.

After seeing the leaked iphone 7, regardless of specs I’m not overly fussed and hopefully will find it easy to hold on until iphone 8 (famous last words).

Anyway my new 6S arrived this morning and I’ve just finished syncing/restoring. Love the 3D touch, and TouchID is way fast! My old phone will go to my Dad who currently has my old iphone 5 (which I’ll sell so watch this space for that one in case you’re interested).


Perhaps my hands are too small. I’m a 6’1 male and think that my hands are fairly large. I find that for actual phone usage and texting, that it is too big. I use my iPad for media consumption and not my phone. I think if it was my sole device I would probably appreciate the larger screen.
Anyways, no point grumbling, will adapt.


Grabbed myself a new bag in the Timbuk2 sale last week. Arrived today and it’s fantastic.

All this stuff (9.7" iPad on the top right for scale) plus a MacBook Pro you can’t see fits nicely with room to spare. It’s matte black and looks great. The light in the room makes it look a different colour in the pic.


I intended to use my 6 Plus as my sole iOS device but got an iPad Air 2 on a way too good deal to pass up through my previous employer.

As a result, I think my next iPhone will be regular sized.


So it looks like I forgot to post this here purchased the following on May 22

Run out TV deal on Sony Bravia KD75X9400C plus included the Wireless Subwoofer SWF-BR100B, Local Harvey Norman store tried to sell me another TV and wouldn’t give up. So I got so fed up that I went 300+ kilometres away and purchased at Osborne Park Perth.

Picture of set up from May 24. The TV is really just a big screen and has never been connected to an antenna.

Today, 2x Google Chromecast 2 + Google Chromecast Audio 2x Bonus $20 Google Play Gift Cards.

Chromecast Audio is for me and has been added to my Bluetooth Speaker (Jawbone, JAMBOX)

One of the Chromecast 2’s has also been added to my TV replacing the first generation. Even know my TV has Chromecast support built-in it’s an Android TV I like the backdrop feature as well as the guest mode which the TV doesn’t seem to have.

Have not decided quite what I’m going to do with the Google play Credit, the second Chromecast 2 will most likely be a gift.

Also purchased 1Password Teams I have been a 1Password User for years and pretty much have owned all the apps.

So it’s pretty much a no-brainer to switch to the teams version, so I can use it for personal and work. Was using LastPass for work. Also couldn’t resist the discount.

Also upgraded my Mailplane license to v3.


I returned the Chromecast Audio I bought as I couldn’t get it to work with Spotify from desktop, only iOS. Desktop could see the speaker and control after the playback had been initiated on iOS, but if it dropped out or was turned off it couldn’t start again. :frowning: I was so hoping it’d just show up as a Spotify Connect node, but not to be.


Picked up a new Magic Keyboard from the Apple Store yesterday. So far my impressions are that I really like the keypress of it, but I miss the ‘extended’ part of my normal USB Apple KB. Not sure if I’ll hang onto it yet.


[quote=“jaysee, post:107, topic:594”]
I returned the Chromecast Audio I bought as I couldn’t get it to work with Spotify from desktop, only iOS. Desktop could see the speaker and control after the playback had been initiated on iOS, but if it dropped out or was turned off it couldn’t start again. :frowning: I was so hoping it’d just show up as a Spotify Connect node, but not to be.[/quote]

The audio version is also disappointing me. I was hoping I could cast video apps to the audio version if the audio was just needed.


I’ve wanted a set of these since I first read about them, but no one stocks them locally. Focal that other speaker brand you’ve heard of from France is up to no good business knocking down headphones that should cost 10x the Cost. These Focal Spirits get killer reviews everywhere and for $300 there’s not much you can get in that price range that is better for iPhone headphones.

I weighed up getting a set of Sennheiser Urbanites and a few other Senns because I could “hear” them in store in JB Hi-Fi. No one stocks these locally where I am, in comparison to the Senns in that price range which are horribly bright and pronounced in the highs, these produce a neutral high and midrange sound with just a little bit of a kick in the bass and by “a little” I mean some way, but the reflex is intense, it doesn’t drone, nor does it interfere in any way with your mids and highs the way a Beats headphone might.

I did put on a set of Beats “Studio Monitors” The only comparison I can say in between the three is utterly horrible, and that’s the polite way of saying completely muddy lows that overpower the mids and the highs. At first you’re yeah OK this is alright, its got some fat bass, and then you realise that’s all you’re stuck with. The usual backhanded compliment that goes for Beats headphones.

The main gripe about the Focal Spirits is that they are built with a flimsy collapsible design that is more catered towards being packed away than on your head, and this is true, the hinges aren’t exactly what I would call “strong.” As with most things French you take the good with the bad they are not the best designers in terms of longevity and usability, and you deal with the fact that they’re assembled by Chinese in factories paying well bellow the minimum wage. That said its a disappointment none the less they’re not made in Europe anymore given Focal’s unquestionable power in the audio industry. That said they do retain an unquestionable “premium” look.

They actually come with two cables one with an inline microphone for iPhone and smart phone use the other not, it’s a “tangle free” cable so you can unplug it and do as you wish with it, which also means it doesn’t get in the way. I like this feature in comparison to a lot of other speakers.

Given these are an old line now the price has come down to what is a fair representation of their production cost so I can’t really gripe to much about build quality or comparisons with much more expensive headphones. They will be a significant upgrade to my iPhone speakers over the years. I don’t normally care, but I saw these and it was straight on my “must buy” purchase list and once something ends up on one of my lists it has a funny habit of ending up in my shopping basket.


So my Mophie Fat Phone arrived today for iPhone 5/5S/SE. In terms of width it adds its kinda more like an iPhone 3GS with this on but with the Space Pack it gives you an extra 32GB of storage on USB2, it works like an external hard drive when its connected to your Mac and it gives you 2400amp/hr of additional battery charge when its turned on, on battery mode.

Holding the Space Pack in your hand is like holding an iPhone 6 Plus, it is a two handed job to make use of your phone with this case on so its a very sporadic use device, for when you need a battery extender and some extra storage for whatever purposes you need them. For me its for recording and storing interviews during my research thesis.

I had to try the red version, because red things go faster apparently. Using the Space App which you can download from the App Store allows you to get access to the files on the Space Pack almost natively, and store folders, as well as full sized documents. Although it tells you not to, you can access full sized photos and videos as well as regular office documents in all the goodness of the Retina screen on your 5S/SE device. The detail of the Retina screen with photos that you have shot via your compact DSLR/DSLM in Retina on your iPhone screen is glorious, and its a great way to dump and share your recently shot photos through the Space App.

For the fashion conscious they do have both a black and white version that matches the colour of your phone. It will happily charge your iphone 5/S/SE up to 100% while you watch in the background and has an LED indicator on the back much like a MacBook Pro to tell you the status of what its supplementary battery is as well as an on/off toggle to toggle charging mode.

It’s one of the more unusual cases/devices for an iPhone 5/S/SE but I believe if you need the extra space as well as the compatibility with USB2 mass storage its a device that will fill that void and do so while maintaining the premium styling of your iPhone.

If you actually like organising your files and want a bit more storage and battery capacity while putting up with a slightly bigger phone, I’m gonna go ahead and say its worth it. There is a seller on ebay at the moment in the US selling factory seconds for about a third of the price also if you’re interested.


I had one for my 5s because it didn’t last the whole day but the 6s plus battery is good enough not to need one now. They are great units.


The build quality is excellent and on an SE it still feel like a premium phone, just with more features.


Harmony Ultimate - nice upgrade from my ageing Harmony 1100i and in a friendlier form factor for the wife to operate too. Especially seeing as the remote communicates with the hub via WiFi and not infra-red, like the 1100i did.


Picked up a new car yesterday. First Vdub since a Kombi, in '81.

Unfortunately the Mustang is my neighbours, not mine


Looks good. A friend sent me this today… :wink:


That’s really nice! Good score!


with only the latest Golf-based models in the clear.

Lucky thats mine is a golf sportswagen, August 16 compliance plate :smile:


looks at 2008 Golf and 2012 Scirocco and cries a little bit


Specs for the 2017 Golfs were released last week? Price increase and a frameless review mirror. Glad I didn’t hold off for it.