New purchases thread!


@mitty Jaycar, it was $95 for the drone and about $6 or so for AAs for the remote. Although check around, I think have them for cheaper and they’ve got cheap FPV drones too.


Just bought some new wireless bluetooth dangles. Pretty nice.


My favourite scented candle. V good.


The candle looks interesting, from where can one purchase?


I grabbed mine from a vintage store just off Smith St in Fitzroy, there’s a whole stack of them together.


Just bought myself a late 2012 Mac Mini i7 2.6Ghz Quad Core fully loaded with 16Gb RAM, 256Gb SSD + 1Tb HDD to replace my mid 2012 MBP as the desktop media server for home. I was going to get a current Mac Mini, but realised the late 2012 Quad Core was better at multi-core processing.

This frees me up to use the MBP as a real laptop until the new MBP is released, at which time I will swap over.


Candle looks interesting, how much did you pay for it?


Nice! What did you pay for the mini? Those things are like hens teeth! :wink:


Wasn’t that cheap considering - $1.3k - but they actually cost more in the US where there’s a market for them. And I figured by the time I installed the upgrades myself on a base level, it would cost the same. Working well so far…


Wow. I’m always amazed when I see Mac Mini Prices. I’ve got a 2012 i5 that I use as a HTPC which I’ve dropped an SSD + 2nd drive kit (for a mechanical drive) as well as a 2010 Mini with a 2.4GHz C2D, Superdrive and HDMI (the last one with an optical drive) that’s HTPC to the kids TV. Occasionally I think about selling one or both but it seems like a lot of effort to then replicate the functionality I have setup just to make a couple of $$

As for new Purchases… I just took delivery of a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I’ve only had the chance for one flight so far but it’s pretty amazing. I uploaded the first flight video, RAW and unedited which means no sound. Very impressed with it so far.


Check out the US prices for the Mac Mini Quad Core i7s, especially the 2.6Ghz ones.


Wow. They’ve held their value well. I just bought a 2010 Mac Pro 8 x 2.4GHz for $800.
I installed dual hex 3.33GHz CPUs (X5680s) $370 so have a 12 core beast for $1170.
I would have thought a Mini would cost less than that, but as you’ve mentioned, they’re in high demand and sip power compared to the Mac Pro.


That’s a great price. I did consider 2009-10 Mac Pros, but they are not that cheap on eBay, especially 12-core ones. Plus as you say, they are gigantic and burn power, especially as this Mac Mini is replacing my similar specced MBP.


Grabbed mine from eBay be the way.
One with a 512gb ssd sold for $600 on Gumtree in camberwell on the weekend.


Finally caved in and bought an iPhone 6S. Had intended to get the SE but oh well, you know how it is.


Nothing wrong with the S train.


Indeed. I did fondle the S+ but it was just too big for me. Maybe next time around


I was planning to skip the 6S and jump straight to the 7, but at work we were offered a 128gb 6S for a price that was simply too good to refuse, so I ordered it this morning and hopefully it’s arriving tomorrow. I ordered a Space Grey one as I’ve had white iphones since the White Iphone 4 was released. I love the look of the Space Grey 6/6S so hopefully that’s enough to keep me happy maybe even until iphone 8. I went to JB today and played with 3D Touch which still confuses me (how do you move apps or delete them? I couldn’t get the demo model to do that but maybe the demo ones block you from doing so?)

And if I do happen to decide I want the 7, well I can sell the 6S and probably won’t lose much at all.


Yeah I probably wont get the 7 at all. I’ve been on the S cycle since the beginning (original iPhone, didnt get the 3G, got the 3GS etc). I had black fronts until I got the 5S, and found I liked that. I have friends with space grey, and… Meh. Maybe next time. If I don’t like the 6S in the end, I’ll switch back to the 5S, sell the 6S and get an SE.


Received iPhone 6 Plus 128GB - Gold that I purchased from the Compnow winter sale. I can honestly say that I find the plus to be way too big. I generally use my iPhone one handed but this requires 2. I don’t think I would purchase a plus again (but this was a deal that was too good).


Interesting, I absolutely adore the plus size. I can’t go back to anything smaller now, and that’s after years of disparaging bigger screens :slight_smile: