Non-Dodgy, Quality USB-C to USB-A cable suggestions needed!


So my MacBook Pro is currently being serviced under AppleCare (hinge cover issues), but I actually took it into the Apple Store because it had shutdown on me and wouldn’t turn back on. Turns out the self-protection mechanism kicked in because of a dodgy USB-C cable from my Samsung Galaxy S8+. With the Genius we were able to construct a timeline proving this cable was the cause. So I need to replace it, but just getting one off of Amazon or from a store is what I did last time, and now I don’t trust doing it again.

Are there are any brands I can use safely? Note, this MBP is pre-USB-C, but the Galaxy is USB-C, hence why I need USB-C (from phone) to USB-A (to MBP/MacPro). Who do I trust?


Never needed one… But -




Yeah… I wasn’t going to mention that. The Belkin cord is the same price - at least on the Apple website, which would have been my next suggestion.


That is a female USB A (??) cable, the belkin one is male:

$29.95 for the USB 2.0 version, $39.95 for the USB 3.1 version :open_mouth:

I have lots of Apple lightning cables, mostly because I find the cheap ones dies pretty quickly (although maybe not often enough to warrant the cost of the Apple ones). The second to last one I bought was Anker, braided red Lightning cable which appear to be very very nice.

They do have USB C versions (I like the red, but it doesn’t appear to come in a shorter length):

Cablegeek is awesome BTW.

I should have gone back, but instead spent $50 on longer “XONE” cable at a retail outlet because it came with a “lifetime” warranty and I was there… going to be testing that warranty 7 months in as that cable has now failed :frowning:

tl;dr - Buy Anker from Cablegeek.


There’s an 0.9m version of the red that was specifically labeled Galaxy S8/S8+ + MacBook compliant, so I am going to guess this is a known issue. I purchased it:


The cable case is so damn nice too. A very nice addition (even if you don’t use it).


In Aus, that cable goes for $29.95… :slight_smile:

The case probably costs around $1.50 - $2.00 to make, and pushes the price up $5 - $8… Very schmick presentation of course…

(Sorry - was doing a lot of price setting today at work.)


Works great, feels nice, and I am using the cable case, since I take my MacBook and Galaxy with me.

Also, once again, AppleCare comes through. I’ve very easily blown through the amount I paid for AppleCare on this computer (as I am outside of Aus, and it was a US purchase, AppleCare was a no-brainer). I’m on like my third MagSafe adaptor, I had keys replaced, and in addition to everything on this receipt, I also noticed (and appreciated) they gave me brand new bottom screws.

I noticed my “R” key is starting to get this very, very, very tiny bit of wear on it, and I’ll keep watch on it. If necessary, I will have it replaced before the 31st of March, which is when this machine goes out of AppleCare. The Genius asked me if I wanted to do it right now, but I figured it’s barely noticeable right now, so it is probably unnecessary. Otherwise, this machine is perfect. No scratches, no scuffs, no dents. I’m not planning to replace it anytime soon.

I went ahead and looked at/priced replacing this with a used 17" Quad-Core i7 from Late 2011/2012, but I was disappointed at the prices versus the quality. I didn’t see anything in a condition I would be willing to pay $1000 for!