(not a sales post) Trying to find an iPhone X cheap


Hi folks, I’m not after an iPhone X from here or anything so it’s not a WTB post or anything, more so… I’m curious if any stores (resellers) in the past have sold off old stock for dirt cheap or do they end up getting sent back to Apple for refurbishment/destruction?


I think you’ll be hard pressed to find “cheap” anything in the same sentence as Apple - unless that sentence is - “Apple gear is not cheap”.

That said… Last year Optus heavily discounted some models of iPhone (on contract) when the new models came out. I can’t recall the exact details, but I think the iPhone 6 128GB was cheaper than the 32GB by $20/month or something… Presumably they had a LOT of stock they were trying to move.


Yeah I was thinking outright. I have been scouring the web and seeing some sites selling the 256GB model at around $300 off… I was kind of hoping (without holding my breath) to get one for $1000 sealed. :stuck_out_tongue: I know, it’s silly.


This idea of yours where businesses go about selling their perfectly saleable stock for less than what it cost them is an interesting one though, I’ll give you that.


Hahah, right? I do wonder though what they do with them all if they don’t sell…


TBH I don’t think that’s a thing, unless you’re the kind of business that is buying them from other retailers and not via Apple/a telco/any of the umpteen middle-men resellers. If you’re the latter and can’t move the stock, you’ll probably find yourself creditors knocking on your door pretty quickly, and if you’re the former, putting devices from JB Hi-Fi/Officeworks etc on your credit card, that seems like a terrible business to get into in the first place.


True true. Oh well, I’ll wait till my contact is up and look at what’ll be out then then… :joy:


As I posted elsewhere, Officeworks Pricematched Amazon and sold me a 256GB X for 1367.05. However, sadly it appears the Amazon deal has now gone up to 1559 (still not a bad price).

Officeworks showed me on the screen that they pay $1555 for the phone from Apple, so I was getting it for less than cost, but the staff in the store were quite happy to do so because that’s their policy.


Ended up getting the phone replaced on the New Phone Feeling, managed to get an XS. :slight_smile: