Not receiving sms iphone 7


so this may be a network issue or something random. I have people sending me sms recently which I don’t seem to receive. sms I send them get through, but theirs don’t come to me. I recently upgraded from my crappy old 4s to an iPhone 7. any ideas, i’m clueless?


Sounds like it could be an issue with Carrier Settings:

You can try following those steps to see if there is an update (although it usually tells you anyway).

I’m sure there is a way to force it with one of those *# or ## codes you can enter but I can’t for the life of me find one using google right now.


Do their messages eventually arrive? I had an issue similar to this. Messages that I know people had sent didn’t arrive via the phone network but did arrive when I was connected to wi-fi later in the day. The setting is “Settings-Messages-Send as SMS” Your friend should check that this is turned on. I think it is off by default.


so carrier or provider settings seem okay.
nah, it just seems to be from some people, I get messages from most. not sure if there is any correlation with the provider they are on (don’t know who they are on).


My son had a similar problem once. It was solved when he checked his imessage send and receive addresses. His phone number was not ticked. See Settings/Messages/Send and Receive


i can’t see any ‘send and receive’ setting

BTW, I don’t use imessage, have it switched off if that makes adifference


So it seems some have been going to my sons phone. All started around time my phones be died and I got a new phone.


that definitely sounds like an imessage/icloud type problem. It’s not possible for an SMS to go to a different phone if your SIM isn’t in it, but it’s entirely possible for an imessage to go to a different phone if they are using the same apple ID. you should use a separate apple ID on both devices, and if necessary set up family sharing for apps etc.


Sounds like your number is registered to receive iMessage, even though you have it switched off on your phone.
You can ensure it’s disabled for your number here


Yeah, same Apple ID used on all phones


Yes. It’s annoying that turning off imessage in your phone settings doesn’t accomplish the same thing. When I recently switched to Android and turned imessage OFF on my iphone, I had a bit of confusion with people sending me messages from iphones, and I had to de-register using the above link to fix the problem.