Poll: Which iPhone 8/X are you buying?


I had almost justified a 64GB X to myself, but then looked at how much free space was available on my 64GB 6… less than 1GB. I can clean some of that out but now doubting I’d be able to make a 64GB phone last 3-4yrs. I wish there was a 128GB model…

Anyway my final decision will be once the 8 and the X have been released and I can see them and touch them. I like the silver X but would have preferred a white front top panel, but I guess there are too many cameras/sensors in there now so they went with black.


I’m going to get the X. Like a lot of you guys the 8 has no appeal for me especially over my current 7+. The 64gb is too small but the 256gb is too big. I too wish there was a 128gb version. So I guess I’ll have to go 256gb X in space grey.


I’m going iPhone 8 to allow them time to eliminate teething problems with the facial recognition. Once they have weeded them out, I’ll go to an X.


I’ve been reading/listening to various sources on the iPhone 8 and X and am pretty comfortable with my decision to go with the 8 Plus over the X. The same power (which is most of what I will use) a camera which is almost as good (which is still a huge step forward for me) and I get to keep Touch ID (which I like). Time may turn me into (more of) a grumpy old man, but I’m happy with the design. I don’t really want thinner/lighter, hell thicker with more battery would be nice! (Having a Plus size phone it’s never going to be small anyway). There really is little difference between the two for the average consumer.

From what I understand the X screen is the same width as a non plus unit, but taller. While I’m sure I wouldn’t be unhappy with the X, I sort of know and love the Plus form factor and how it all works (I have just been hanging out for more performance).

In my special fantasy world, I wonder a little bit; if someone offered you a free phone of your choosing, so price is no longer a consideration. What do you pick?

While the draw of the new shiny is very strong (I’m still questioning myself a little), I think I’d still go with the 8 Plus.


In your fantasy world 8 because 8+ wouldn’t fit in the phone compartment of my motorbike (in the real world 7 because 8 was several hundred dollars more expensive).


Any why not X might I ask?


The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are 138mm long, the iPhone X is 143mm long.

The iPhone 7 barely fits inside the dash compartment of my Harley Davidson touring motorbike with the USB cable to lightning cable attached (it’s a really tight fit).

The extra 5mm of the X would mean the cable would be squashed and the lightning port under pressure the whole time the phone was plugged in (not a good idea).

I really don’t want to damage the sound system on a $40,000 motorbike.

I really should use an SE but the screen on that is just too annoyingly small for me.


Ahhhh, so it’s purely a size issue, even with the X.


In a fantasy world your phone compartment would be bigger!! :wink:


The heart is going “go with the new shiny”. The head is going “you know that Apple first gen is usually full of bugs, go with the 8.”


Has anyone with Optus seen an order confirmation for their shiny new Mobile phone. I’m just going through my records and it seems that I don’t have anything other than the original confirmation page I printed out when I placed the order (including a confirmation number). I also got an SMS confirming the order as well, but no email or other message about the delivery (which would hopefully be tomorrow since I ordered at 5:07pm on the 15th).


To add some insult to that, I’ve just sat on hold for 1 hour 9 minutes before hitting the power button (to turn off the screen) and ending the call… apparently, that’s a thing now… So is that a new feature of iOS11 or something I have just managed to miss until now (I’m sure you could hit the power button to turn the screen off)??


Double pressing the Power button during a call while holding the phone away from your ear hangs up on it - is there a chance that’s what you might have done? Also when your phone rings, if you press the Power button once it mutes the ring and twice while ringing sends it to voicemail - sorry if you already knew that!


I knew about the incoming call shortcuts

1 press = silent.
2 presses = reject (or go to voicemail if it’s setup).

As for during a call, apparently, a single press will end the call if you’re on the phone screen but will turn off the screen if you’re in any other screen.

In the end it didn’t matter, I got an SMS first thing Friday morning giving me the delivery details for my 8 Plus. Loving it.


I shall be acquiring the X tomorrow, 64g colour wise don’t really care as it shall be living in a wallet casing. My first Apple mobile device.


I’ve been giving this careful consideration of late. If I was to upgrade, it would be to the iphone 8 (not even the plus) 64GB. I’ve found thats enough storage for my uses. However, if the SE gets a significant update in the new year, all bets are off. I wont be upgrading in any case, until after the 9 is released, if ever it is… whatever comes after the 8…


Waiting for the iPhone XI Plus 512GB :slight_smile: