Price tracking alert sites or apps


Hey guys I’m in line to buy new appliances for my house while having renovations done in a few months. I’m holding off buying appliances for now. I don’t really want to store new appliances at home during construction. I’ve got some appliances saved on a wishlist on Appliances Online. The Good Guys will price match to Appliances Online prices on the day of purchase. My question is does anyone know a way to track the best prices from a particular website. It would be nice to get an email or alert when my selection of appliances drop in price as I know the frequently do on Appliances Online. Thanks.


Cant help with price tracking, but I also tend to check Appliances Online and then buy from them when the price is right for me. Bear in mind that whilst places like The Good Guys might price match, they dont usually do free delivery and removal of the old, as AO do. Even as we speak I have a washing machine in my cart :slight_smile:

I find AO to be the most reliable, not always the cheapest but usually pretty close to it. Delivery and install is just no fuss, and no mess left behind. I think I would go with them anyway, and pray for a reasonable price at the time.


Thanks for the advice Kyte. Good to hear from someone who’s had a good experience with AO.


I recently made my first Appliances Online purchase, a new washing machine and dryer.
Really pleased with the whole experience.
Delivery contractor here in Tassie was very professional as well.


I use Chrome extension to Visual Ping to monitor changes to webpages, but you have to be specific about what you want monitored. Might work for you.


Great thanks Benny. I’ll give it a go.