Receipt Supply?


This has been puzzling me all day. I’ve just sold off a Pentax lens (for less than it was worth, really) and the guy who bought it decided at the last minute that he wants a receipt for it, which I am going to have to post to him. We did face to face and he had not mentioned anything about wanting one prior to handing the money over and having the lens, which he inspected thoroughly before paying. I’ve now become a bit annoyed at this new thing, and although he said its just in case, I cant think… just in case of what?

Is it a reasonable request? Its not one I have faced before, and I dont have anything resembling a receipt book in my possession, nor a printer to print one out. Would it be unreasonable of me to now refuse to give it?

Call me puzzled.


Just hand write a receipt describing the goods and the price sold, date it, print your name and sign it.

A receipt doesn’t have to be printed or out of a receipt book.


I guess I knew that. I cant think why he wants ti.


If he is going to use it for any form of commercial use then he can claim it as an expense against his income.


Ok. I dont think he’s a commercial photogrpher.


He might need it for some aspect of his work thus needs a record of it. Or he just forgot to ask you for one at the time and would like one now for his personal records. Or maybe he wants it for a short period of time and would then like to sell it on, and he thus wants a record of the original sale.


He might just be a bit obsessive. Some people are like that. It’s a minor PITA, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Geoff’s on the money - you could just hand write him something or maybe even email him something so he can print it if he wants it.

You could just ignore the request too. I don’t think there’s anything enshrined in law that says you must provide a receipt where the parties are both individuals and the value is low. It’s not like he’s going to sue you.


OK, not worrying anymore. Can’t do anything about it anyway until he sends me his address, or email. Until now I only have the Whirlpool messaging service. I’ll wait until…


Including me. I like documentation of everything, just in case something bites you in the arse in an unforeseen way in the future.

Could also be safeguarding himself incase the lens gets listed as stolen at some point (he doesn’t know you from a bar of soap).


Could be any of those things, however until he gives me some way to contact him other than via WHiM, its not happening. I think he must have changed his mind, because he hasnt sent me the required information so that I can give him a receipt.

In any case, its been worthwhile hearing why people might want a receipt for something which cost so little.


It might be for insurance purposes. I sold an amplifier to a friend and his house got hit by lightning. The amp,got fried and the insurance company requested a receipt. I just printed a simple one out and sent it to him.
Maybe Lens Man wants to get it insured?


Possibly, but it cant be all that urgent. He said he would give me an address to send it to, and he has not. As I said, I guess he changed his mind.