Removing the 3.5mm headphone socket


Found this on the net. Easiest way to save some $$$. DIY.

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

I pretty much lost my Apple earpods for a month down the back seat of my car shortly after buying my latest iPhone. I used to use them occasionally, when I was driving and such so I could use hands free and with my phone in a cradle, so I could still call Siri to do things and drive. It’s not illegal in Queensland to wear earpods while driving, though they can ping you for being distracted if there is an accident.

  1. These earpods? As I said, first day they’re going to go missing… my MacBook HDMI dongle went missing, and I don’t know where I put it, I bought another one, something this small yeah well…

  2. Aside from that. Lets see now, short battery life and I can’t charge them and use them at the same time either, or do any other type of charging for that matter. Particularly, when I am in the field for 8hours plus every day. I don’t do the desk thing…

They used the C word today, courage, as in conviction to do something bold. I use the other C word today that rhymes with bunt… as an an unpleasant or stupid idiot that messes with things because they want to make a “lifestyle” change, that goes with other insipid companies such as BOSE.

I’m sure I’ll be able to get an adapter or whatever, as my, quite expensive, Focal headphones have a detachable cord. The thing is I shouldn’t have to. This isn’t the computer industry they’re messing with. This is the entire recording, music and HiFi industry they’re playing in and they have no right to be doing so.

Apple has no place in this market, or in the digital photography market for that matter. End of it.


It’s amusing to see 9to5Mac, etc. commenters all of a sudden okay with the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s actually kinda eerie. Either that or they’re being sarcastic.

I’ll state again (not like my opinion matters, really), but I really appreciate the act of them removing a beloved, ubiquitous port in favour of better performance and battery life. I didn’t want a thicker iPhone (yay, but iPhone 6 (2014) is still the thinnest iPhone to date; pity), so the extra space afforded by the removal of what was essentially a “gap of air” is appreciated.

The future is wireless, ladies and gents. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs
Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

yes but is that future wireless ‘wireless charging’ or ‘wireless earpods’ :slight_smile:


Where 99% of high end audio gear continues to treat wireless with disdain? You might be right, but not any time soon. I’ll probably buy an iPhone SE at some point, or I may not. I don’t know. I might just work out which Android phone has the best range of features and go from there.

The thing is, I don’t even use 99% of the capabilities of my iPhone 5S, I don’t think tablet OS’s are bearable for my day to day life. I could probably get away with a very cheap phone and get the features I want but for a productivity perspective? iOS is practically useless to me.

Realistically? my iPhone is a glorified iPod touch with a GSM modem, and if it can’t even get half of that right, I don’t know what I’m spending my money on… Sorry. I have an iPhone because it has a very good DAC in terms of frequency response… That flat line means you hear absolutely everything with the right set of headphones attached to your iphone 5/5S/SE

But the new one doesn’t… it doesn’t have a DAC for any other purpose than the on board speakers. so that is pretty much the end of the line for me… Apple doesn’t offer a product that entices me on technical grounds, and the majority of the people who say “shut up and take my money” don’t even know what any of the above means. Imagine that after this…

“Things that wouldn’t happen under Steve Jobs.”

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

Both! But we start with AirPods :slight_smile:

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

Those AirPod thingies look like they’re headed straight for the back of the couch and the spot between your car seat and the centre console. I’ve heard they’re small enough to be a choke hazard too. Don’t any of these guys have kids? I’m careful with my shit - don’t use cases and my phones look great after 3 years - but I wouldn’t use something like that in case I lost it. Kind of expensive to keep replacing all the time too. How long before we get a “Find my Fucking AirPods Already!” app I wonder?


I’m in the same camp. Don’t have an issue with the loss of the jack. I’ll use the adapter permanently attached to my headphones and when I am ready to replace, I’ll find something that is lightning compatible. Saves me having to charge them up the whole time although I am consider the Bose bluetooth active cancelling ones as well.


Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs


The Belkin Lightning adaptor is a better bit of kit than Apple’s lightning dock but it means you need that adaptor and then the Apple lightning to 3.5mm adaptor to use one’s good quality 3rd party headphones.

2 dongles in line just to use a pair of standard headphones seems a tad… excessive :slight_smile:


I wonder if there is a technical issue (or maybe just a cost one) in having two lightning AND a 3.5mm jack?

I’m totally guessing, but maybe you still need a 3rd lightning chip in there for the 3.5mm socket and assuming it’s licenced per chip it’s a cost???

Assuming (again) it’s all digital until it’s output to the 3.5mm jack, having a daisy chain of plugs shouldn’t effect the sound quality.

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

Not sure, but my preferred adaptor would look like the Belkin one but have a single full function lightning port and a single 3.5mm port.


I’m sure that’ll come eventually from our friends at alibaba. :wink:


BTW the Adapter Apple Supplies is actually only $12. This is a pleasant surprise as I figured it would be stupidly expensive like lots of other accessories.


I saw a post a review site that sort of went (I’m paraphrasing).

If the adaptor is $30 (US) then Apple are saying ‘fuck you, we have reasons for doing this’

If the Adaptor is $20 (US) then Apple are saying “we’re sort of sorry we caused you problems”

If the Adaptor is $10 (US) then Apple are saying “we’re really worried about the publicity this is going to cause”

Guess what… it’s $10 US.


This is the one I saw:

‘it’ll cost $19 if Apple’s sort of sorry, $29 if it’s not sorry, and if it’s free in the box then Apple’s really afraid of consumer backlash.’



My thoughts on Apple removing the headphone socket… (not that I have ever used it much on any of my iPhones since no longer using public transport…)

If Apple wants to remove the headphone socket to economise on room/etc - fine. BUT, ship those fancy replacement headphones with the iPhone without jacking (pun intended) up the price!

Of course, as noted, I have no right to complain… Doesn’t mean I wont. :slight_smile:




Doesn’t affect me in anyway so I don’t care.

Someone can have my adapter if they want it.