Safari not defaulting to


My Safari used to default to when I typed into the address bar at the top, but it seems to have ground to a halt and goes to now. Any ideas?


Firefox here, too.


Have had similar issues!


Ditto, but the search results are for Australia… does it matter that much?


My issue - it doesn’t offer the “search only in Australia” option unless you go to the AU site.


So put in as part of your search term?


What i meant was, that without asking for it to only search for Australia, it gave me .au results anyway.


It does, but if you are looking for sites, you can’t confine the results to australia only with the dropdown and sometimes international sites appear


Right. Same with duckduckgo which isnt as good as it used to be. Interestingly, safari on the iPad does go to


Just checked. Firefox does have the option to use Google Australia instead of Google(.com) - BUT - it actually does the forced Australian sites only by default.

Once upon a time, I presume it told by your IP address what country you were from, and used the applicable Then you could use the forced .au results if you wanted - or not.

It’s a minor issue, certainly. But annoying nonetheless.


Is your computer’s locale set to Australia? There’s a bug in the keyboard settings where they will reset to the US.


The locality is set to Aus, but the keyboard was set to the US. Have changed and will see if it has any impact