Switch and modem in roof cavity?



Recently we renovated and as a result I lost my “office” (also due to another child on it’s way) so the LAN cabling around the house needs to be rearranged. my neighbour suggested to have the modem and the switch in the roof cavity!

wouldn’t the dust and high\low temperatures affect (kill) the modem and the switch??



The equipment will have temperature ratings as part of the specs and I know from experience that stuff runs well outside those ranges. I had a bunch of stuff running in a dusty, non-airconditioned and sporadically heated place where temps ranged from 0-45. One of the computers would overheat sometimes, but that was usually a sign to blow the dust out of it. Nothing else used to shut down.

Realistically, I think it will shorten the life of your gear but it probably depends how hot it gets in your roof space. Start measuring it perhaps. If it gets over 50, which it can easily do where I am, I think your stuff will die pretty fast.

Don’t you have a cupboard or pantry or something you can use? That’s what I do now.



Very good advice :). I waited and had a look inside the roof today and it was boiling! Also our insulation is cool and cosy type so there is a lot of airborne matter in there:(

I managed to get done extra $$$ so we are moving the cabling around to the garage and installing a small cabinet :slight_smile:



Could you maybe put the new baby in the roof cavity to save on the expense/drama of redoing the cabling?


too late, the cabinet arrived this morning and the electrician is on his way to install additional power points …and if the kid is anything like me he will hate the hot temps


No joke, there is value in exploring attics as additional bedroom spaces if you have a big enough space there that can be renovated.