Teens React To Original iMac 20 Years Later


Oh boy. Fun stuff here.


“Love all the colours on the Apple.”


Oh man, I remember when Lee Lin Chin was reading the story about the new iMac being revealed on SBS News at the time. Can’t believe it was 20 years ago!


LOL the presenter got the year wrong - that’s not the original iMac that was introduced in 1998. Recognised that as a Ruby instantly, which was the 4th/5th (depending if you count the second Bondi original as the second!) release.

I am so old. :joy:


This mouse is so weird… Yep… that’s what we said 20 years ago.


I wouldn’t know how to use System 9 either. But one of them called it ugly as hell! No way! That design looked great then and it looks great now


…I used System 9 in university in the computer labs and to run our student newspaper’s website. I rarely did editing or writing (that would come later), but everyone else was on Power Mac G3s or G4s, I think, running System 9 with versions of Quark Express for layout, iirc.

That was… Oh. Right. 20 years ago. :expressionless:


I remember (as a 3 year old) going to get our Blueberry iMac G3 (250mhz)!


It’s time for you to change your name to Youngmacs, padawan.


I think you mean 350Mhz. :wink:

Where did you buy it? I could have sold it to you - I worked retail at Mac’s Place at the time. :slight_smile:


*350MHZ :stuck_out_tongue: I must have been tired.

At a NextByte :slight_smile:


Ah - the competition! :joy: Hehe.


20 years ago we bought the original Bondi Blue 233mhz G3 iMac.