Temporary Naked ISP


So in a couple of months we are temporarily moving to another place so we can do Reno’s on Bathroom/Kitchen/few other bits and pieces. Said place isn’t on the NBN (and is also at least 1.5k from the exchange… urgh) so we will need to go Naked/ADSL. I’m looking for the best non-contract deal as we most likely will only be there a few months.

IInet seem to offer 250GB for $59 a month Naked with a $99 connection fee which should be fine, but if anyone has any other recommendations, I’m all ears. I think I have a modem tucked away somewhere that will do the job or otherwise I’ll just buy some cheapy that can be in bridge mode and use our Time Capsule for Wifi.


Does it have to be a fixed connection?

There is a mobile deal that’s $65pm for a HEAP of data. That might suffice temporarily.


I was looking at Vivid Wireless for a similar situation. I ended up just tethering to my phone for a couple of weeks and foregoing data heavy stuff, so I have no experience of them - but if there is coverage in your area it might be worth checking them out.


Yeah mobile could possibly suffice. Who has the $65 deal and how much? Will also check out Vivid Wireless.


This is one thing I really don’t miss about Australia at all. NBN failure and the continued paying by GB. I have unlimited data on both my home connection and my tether-able mobile. I pay like $20/mo for the broadband connection and about $120 for my pretty premium mobile service. $140 doesn’t seem that much at all, but there are a number of people who think my mobile bill is too high, but they usually have internet at work (I haven’t been allowed on a work network in close to 10 years, because they’re almost always PC networks or the computers are PCs provided, and I don’t use PCs), or don’t have a demand I do.

When I was last in Australia, I think I ended up doing a mobile solution from Optus, but I had to be really careful about how I used it.




A little update to this thread about a fabulous deal I found which is working great for me whilst staying away from home temporarily. Vodafone Prepaid 365 Plus. How it works: You can buy 2GB each day for $3, and if you Recharge each day the unused data rolls over. But, even better, on Friday, Saturday and sunday you get 4GB for $3. So, essentially you get 20GB a week for $21. If you Recharge at any time today, it lasts until midnight tomorrow night. So for 28 days you get 80GB for $84. Also if you need extra data on a particular day or you are running low, you can just recharge again… so you could do two lots of 4GB on a Friday, for instance.

Obviously the catch is that if you forget to recharge you lose your accrued data. I usually recharge first thing in the morning. I’ve put the sim in my Android phone and using that as a hotspot, it just sits in the corner and does the job. Very pleased and happy with the service.