The thinking about purchasing thread!


This thread is for things you’re thinking about purchasing OR that you may want to purchase. Useful if you’re looking for a recommendation or thoughts from other Apple Talkers.

New purchases should go in here. New purchases thread!



I’m thinking about…

Mid 2011 iMac12,2 (27" 3.4GHz i7 with AMD Radeon HD 6970M)

I’ve only had my current (Early 2009 - 9,1) iMac for a couple years, but the 12,2 was the model I wanted when I purchased this one… (Bit like dating Betty but thinking of Wilma)


Kinda want a Fuji X-T2. But I still think my next camera will be the OMD E-M1 mk II. Just waiting/hoping for a price drop first. I’ll still buy it if it doesn’t… reluctantly.


Cosmic, I have this exact model. Make sure it had its video card replaced under an Apple recall (2GB one?). If it hasn’t get the owner to check with Apple to see that it can still be done.
I am still using mine as the main home machine after years of heavy family use (right now I am ripping DVDs). Recently I attached a 1GB samsung 850 SSD in a thunderbolt enclosure out back of the machine. Through the thunderbolt port the iMac accesses the SSD at the full SATA speed of the drive (note no USB3).

With the SSD it is like a new machine.


I am having trouble making up my mind between a kia sorento and a pajero Sport. One can actually tow stuff, the other is a better school/ballet/sports run vehicle.


@Angus In the meantime you might want to enter the OLympus comp. I’d like to switch but cant justify the expense… so planning on trying this. Gotta be in it, and all that.


How often do you tow?


Not a lot, about six weekends a year at present. Hence the dilemma.

Not enough to make it a no brainer, too much to rule out the Pajero Sport…


My Dad has the 2011 iMac, I want to do the same, but can never find a good enclosure to do it with - I feel I may have asked you this before but my memory is bad :P, but what enclosure did you use?

With regards to the thread, I want to purchase an Apple Watch but I’m still so unsure if I should.


Thinking about purchasing an AppleTV 4 in the short term and we are wanting to sell this place and buy a nicer house in the next 6 months or so.

The two are actually related - the ATV4 would be a HomeKit hub for the new place, wife has given approval for me to do whatever I want with home automation. She clearly hasn’t heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”


I first tried a delock enclosure because I wanted an external power supply and it doesn’t already have a drive in it ( and because cheap). It was very poorly made and was quite flaky. So I replaced it with a LaCie rugged which also has USB3 ( not relevant for this Mac), comes with a HDD and bus powered. No complaints except I have a HDD I will not be using but paid for in the package.


I’ve wanted a Mac Mini for quite awhile now But, I’ve given up all hopes on the Mac mini but I do need a media server. So I’ve been taking a look at the latest Intel NUC’s on offer specially the core i7 Skull Canyon model.


The difference between the two fully Specht models is crazy.

It’s really no competition even when I look at the model I was considering purchasing from Apple. Don’t think this is going to be a hard decision but I’m happy to hear any thoughts?

Alternative to a Mac thread

[quote=“Entropy, post:4, topic:2933”]
Make sure it had its video card replaced under an Apple recall (2GB one?). If it hasn’t get the owner to check with Apple to see that it can still be done.[/quote]

You definitely want to pay attention to the graphics card on those models. Otherwise it’s a great machine and upgradable with three internal drives.


What are you towing? I’m guessing it’s something pretty weighty if it’s making you consider a different vehicle. Could the tow load be upgraded with brakes if that would swing you back in the other direction?


I’m housesitting for a week soon. I’m thinking of buying an Apple TV so I can get Netflix, and then returning it at the end of it.


Pretty good time for it, purchases from now at Apple Online are returnable through to January 7th, or thereabouts.


Also thinking about buying some cables to do it from my iPad just so I have it when I travel.


While the sorento has a 2 tonne rated capacity, that claim is actually a load of crap. The maximum weight you can place on the towball is 100kgs, only five percent of the maximum tow weight. I don’t understand how these manufacturers get away with it. The towed vehicle would be swinging around like crazy. Santa Fe, Mazda CX-9 are the same. A good rule of thumb is ten percent, which would mean the ball weight on these vehicles should be around 200kgs. I would be happy with that down weight and towing capacity.

However, at 100kgs, pretty much any Australian caravan on the market (occasionally), a family sized boat (dream), or any big box trailer over a tonne (most often), can’t be safely towed by any of the above vehicles. Not because of limits to towing capacity, but their lame down weight capacity on the ball. They can’t really cope with anything more than a 6x4 box trailer.

The Pajero Sport has a 3 tonne towing capacity and a 300kg ball weight.


I know I was planning on purchasing AirPods but apparently that’s not happening.


Yeah, every time I untangle my earphones I am prompted to think of those airpods. Wish they were about $100 less. Maybe I will get them from Kogan.