The WWDC Live Thread


Who’s watching the live stream? 3am is probably a bit early for me, but I won’t be surprised if I just happen to wake up then :smile:


I’ll be awake, affects my job after all :wink: I highly doubt that I’ll get any sleep pre-keynote either. Tomorrow will be rough.


I would like to be awake for it though I am rather skeptical that apple’s servers will be able to handle the load. Might do what I have done for the last couple of years and ignore the internet completely until I have watched the podcast first :smile:


I was all excited that I’d get to see it live at a reasonable hour (18:00 in London!) but then remembered that I have a dinner on tonight. Boo! Boo hiss boo!


They have every other year. Typically they’ll use Akamai to cache the stream here in Australia anyway, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

Priorities man!


5am over here so a bit more reasonable. Unfortunately it will probably only start ramping up by the time I have to jump in the car to get to work, so I’ll miss the good bits I imagine.


If there are betas available for OS X and iOS I will probably install them ASAP.


I’ll be around. Been a while since Apple events, no?


Mac OS X 10.10: Sierra?

Gives credence to the “Syrah” codename. The mountain shown is the glorious Half Dome, a place on my bucket list.


Spoilers, man!


God damn, they’ve been busy!!

The stuff I’m most excited about, in no particular order:

  • iOS Extensibility: 1Password in Safari anyone?!
  • TouchID: again, 1Password integration would be awesome
  • Continuity is brilliant, especially for someone with a work and personal phone.
  • iCloud Drive/OneDrive in one spot! I might even ditch dropbox.
  • Photos/iCloud Photos: it looks like they’ve actually got it right this time
  • Spotlight: I’ve used Alfred for ages, I’m ditching it with Yosemite. I think they’ve brought the power of Siri to OS X without needing to talk to the Mac. And I love that it’s in iOS as well!


For anyone that’s going to be around tonight and wants to be involved in a live chat. This year I’ve set up a Discord Server as well as being available on IRC as in past years.


IRC Settings: Server: Channel: ##Whirlpool or ##AppleTalk
Web Client: Available Here.