Thinking of switching ISPs - seeking advice


The only other thing to add is to see if you can contact a Telstra rep in the Bigpond forum on Whirlpool - I got to know Adam (not sure if he’s still there, this was a few years ago) who helped me with my own installation nightmare (5 missed installation appointments), and in the end, I got 12 months free cable as compensation out of it.


Update. The techo was on the job today. Didn’t visit our house. Fixed something in the exchange and we now have 13.5 mbps again - up from 0.5 mbps for the last 2 weeks. Fingers crossed we have no more issues.



Awesome to hear! Let us know how it goes over time.


Rather than start a new thread…

I currently have iiNet naked DSL (Naked Home-1), and where I am looking at relocating to has a Telstra exchange only (i.e. classified by iiNet as ‘off-net’). This means either on the Turbo plan (how does this compare to ADSL2??)

  • 75+75GB for $90/month
  • 150+150GB for $60/month plus $30 phone line (i.e. $90/month)

I currently pay $70 for 1TB (300GB is sufficient, and I could reduce usage a little)

• Telstra offer 500Gb for $95 (again more than I want to pay)

Any recommendations/other alternatives?


Doesn’t that Telstra deal include local calls? I was looking at it for a while but in the end decided to stay put on Exetel (where it will cost you $69.99 for 1TB which is 500/500 not anytime, and which includes line rental but no calls. I just checked this, I’m also stuck on Telstra hardware). You will need your phone connected of course, and a number, in order to get switched over.

Lots of people have problems with Exetel, but most (not all, admittedly) who do have serious issues are on Optus. I can only get Telstra ports here so am free of that particular nightmare. There can be congestion issues as well, depending where you are. I think that Exetel has been unpopular in my area because really, I have very few problems. Speed isn’t stellar, but it’s fine for my uses. I’m not a gamer so pings are irrelevant to me. Netflix etc stream well.


I recently Jumped ship from Internode on their Platinum Unlimited 100/40 plan to Mungi on a 100/40 unlimited plan w/ turbo pack and knock on wood no issues yet but there is no usage tracking available in their custopmer portal which is a bit of a bug bear to be perfectly frank.


Hmm, forgot this thread existed. I’ve stayed with Exetel even through the switch to NBN, and I’m planning to switch to Aussie Broadband when my Exetel contract is up in a couple of months.

I heard of Mungi recently via whingepool but being as how its unlimited, was not tempted. Unlimited and good wont last, as the leeches move from wherever they are at the moment. Congestion will happen. Its beginning to happen on Exetel now, too, but for some its already a nightmare.


got an email from them the other day stating that the NBN Co has denied them and many of the other smaller ISPs, wholesale pricing, and that they’re discontinuing my service.

my brother got something similar from his ISP too and between us the increase is $30p/m. we’re both on FTTP 100/40 unlimited plans. the most usage we stretch it too is netflix and online gaming.

well i guess it’s either Aussie at $79p/m or back to internode and get bent over paying $100p/m.
aussie seems to have a nice offer on at present.


I ended up staying with Exetel, they deleted the 25/5 service I had, and gave the opportunity to move to 50/20 for the same cost($60). I have 500GB/m and dont need more. Bit of a no brainer. In the interim, Aussie’s prices kept creeping up and I can no longer afford them, any more than I can afford Telstra. Staying put. Congestion has eased since my last post.


With Aussie on 100/40 FTTP. Happy days.


Interesting to see that some businesses are being denied access to the NBN.

I’m with iiNet Cable, which is better than the NBN in most cases, though am paying $80/month unlimited for the privilege. Started as one of those 50% off for the first half of the contract as @AfterBurner_1 has mentioned, but have to say $80/month ultimately is more than I’ve ever paid for the Net in my life… Only problem now is that Netflix addicted kids will mutiny if I considered changing things, and the kids outnumber my wife and I…


A couple of years later and we are still a couple of years from our scheduled NBN rollout.

When I first moved into this house we stayed with Optus and it was good, very very rarely did it drop below 50MBit during the peak hours and it was 100MBit the rest of the time. A couple of years later and I’m having nights hitting 5MBit which is really no fun. I’ve even seen Netflix try and drop to SD :frowning:

On the upload side we have started using more cloud service to store stuff, my eldest son wants to stream his game video and the youngest wants to facetime with his uncle while they play Lego Worlds online together… so 2MBit upload isn’t the best.

There is a long and sad story on the process, but I’m in the process of getting a Telstra Cable connection setup. It’s coming at a premium ($119 vs $90) but it should maintain closer to 100MBit and also provides 5MBit upload which will be a welcome addition. I’ve ummed and arred for a while but finally got the shits waiting for a 20GB game update to download on the XBox one night at 700Kb/s.

All things going well this will see me through to the NBN rollout where I will have more options for providers.


It’s not a peak time test so not a fair comparison to the last one, but my Telstra Cable was activated today. :slight_smile:



Telstra Cable is seeing a revival amongst my clients since they gave everyone 5meg up. Much more reliable than HFC NBN even it seems!


Saturday afternoon, better than expected, last night was slow as.


That’s impressive for 7:50pm on a Saturday night:



My Internet speed is nowhere near as good as it used to be. I used to get well over 800Mbps down and 450 up :frowning: - it does come and go though, and I can get back up to over 600Mbps at times. (Gigabit fibre for the win!)


Now you’re just bragging, speed loss or not. Thats insane. We wont ever have that here.


I’m in Tassie, there’s an NBN ISP here who offers 1000 down 400 up - but bloody hell it comes at a cost!


With Aussie here too but on 50/20 FTTP Unlimited. Very happy with the connection quality.
Not doing so much in the way of downloading here, mainly streaming media - 50 is plenty for 4K Netflix/Stan with headroom for other usage.