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The latest renders of the next iPhone solve the problem of the sensor notch by seamlessly integrating the status bar into the black cutout. By hiding the carrier name and eschewing the time display altogether, it turns out you can cram the signal and data connection on the left hand side of the notch, and put the battery, bluetooth, and whatever other icons you might have on the right. It doesn’t look half bad, either.

There’s no way The Rock x Siri movie could have been a feature-length film. Instead, it’s a short that shows off The Rock doing The Rock things in everyday life, with Siri as the personal assistant helping him every step of the way. It’s about how much The Rock can get done in a day with Siri, and it’s a fun, lighthearted look at showing off Siri’s capabilities while not being too over-the-top.

Apple has released the fourth beta of macOS High Sierra to developers, and that’s about all there is to say for now. We’ll probably see the same update released to open beta members in a few days.

Same deal with the recently released fourth beta of iOS 11. Changelogs say that Apple has fixed some issues and now knows about a few new ones. There’s a few new strange bugs that Apple knows about in this release — nothing particularly show-stopping, but definitely some minor nuisances, as well as revamped icons for Notes, Reminders, and Contacts.

While we’re still over a month away from the proper release, 9to5Mac has a run-through of how the iOS 11 Files app works. It’s probably not feature-complete just yet, but most of the functionality is there, and core functionality of Files is unlikely to change between now and the official release of iOS 11.

Rumours from the supply chain indicate a slowdown as non-Apple suppliers enter a holding pattern to see what Apple releases later this year. It makes some sort of sense from a logistics perspective — you’re not going to want to end up with too much excess stock in your channel, so best to slow down production until you see what the next iPhone will be like.

A report from MacRumors says some users are getting their Early and Mid-2013 MacBook Pro models with Retina display replaced with the equivalent 2017 MacBook Pro model. Constraint on the top case with battery assembly are the reason why, so provided your machine has an issue with the battery that requires service, there’s a chance you can get a new machine as a replacement.

Macworld’s Glenn Fleishman answers the question of whether HEVC and HEIF video and image formats will work in older versions of iOS and macOS. Graceful degradation are the keywords here, and Apple will err on the side of compatibility to make sure your cat photos can be seen by all and sundry.

The latest ARKit demo is probably getting pretty close to what giants like Ikea want to release, demonstrating putting furniture in a space and adjusting dimensions.

Stephen Hackett tells us about three tiny laptops. People seem to think the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro was pretty good for its time, but there’s no forgetting the PowerBook Duo, 12-inch PowerBook G4, or more recently, the MacBook Air. As for which machine was better, well, you know where I stand.


I’ve got an Early 2013 15 "MacBook Retina Pro … I will have to check out the battery health and see what’s what. Sadly I think it’s all OK which means no cheap upgrade. Ahh I can dream right?!

I remember back when the early iPod Nano batteries were replaced under some warranty or recall thing the father in law scored a free upgrade to a new model! Nice. Everyone loves free upgrades :smiley:


I think my favourite replacement stories were when people had their water cooled G5s replaced with first-gen Mac Pros.

Now that was an upgrade.


That would be a pretty nice upgrade. :smiley:

I know mine doesn’t hold charge as well as it used to, but the health check is actually lower than I thought it would be, especially for only 365 cycles. This one has never flagged (I’ve had older poly MacBooks that did) as needing a service.


Believe it or not but I came here to look for some factual information that will make me switch from what I am currently using to MacBooks. But I mean - factual. And not necessarily someone yelling: Apple’s the best - switch!
So far so good. I am slowly making up my mind. Good job :wink:


While I had supported Apple machines as far back at the IIE and IIGS, I was in my Windows world on a desktop + a Windows Netbook (while still supporting my Wifes then MacBook). The netbook was a toy, the Desktop was a gaming machine that I did all my real work on.

An upgrade to a MacBook Pro for her in 2009 gave me the opportunity to use my Wifes old MacBook full time and not only did it shit all over the netbook (which was a decent model and worked very well), for the first time in my life I could see myself moving all my “real work” to a laptop. A couple of weeks later I have the proud owner of a 2009 17" MacBook Pro + 24" external display (I really like my desktop real estate). I’ve never looked back and currently use a 2013 15" rMBP as my main machine.

The Mac just made everything a little better, a little easier. Things worked, the tools were nice… except Office, Office for Mac was (and still is) total balls, especially Excel which is where I tend to do the majority of my work. For light duty Office stuff the Mac is great, but if I want to work from home I still fire up the PC because of Office. Obviously, this will comes down to personal preference and how much you use these apps.

From a cost point of view, the Apple machines aren’t all that much more expensive than similar brand name top tier products. To get anything like a Mac from a PC maker it really isn’t cheaper. From a longevity point of view I’ve found that PC’s tend to age pretty badly where the Macs just keep on keeping on. It probably has a lot to do with OSX, but right now my wife is running a 2011 MBA and my 2013 rMBP are both just fine for the vast majority of what we do. Her fans do (and always have) ramped up if you do much of anything and I do believe it’s gotten worse. over time despite cleaning out any dust. In reality, it’s just the way things go with such a small package and fan.

On Apps. I find that in the Mac world there are tools for everything and even paid versions are relatively cheap.


Sigh, the good old days. Such a disappointment that there isn’t enough $$ in 17-inch sales for Apple to make one these days. :neutral_face:


Ahhh yes, I miss my 17" of glory. My 15" is running 1920 x 1200, so non native res, which is just fine on the retina screen (at least to my eyes it looks as good as native). But I do miss those extra 2" :stuck_out_tongue: especially since I tend to use the laptop as a laptop 99% of the time now (back then I used it in a dock on a desk at least 70% of the time).

What res would res would a 17" retina screen be I wonder… I’d love to find out!


I still have an 11" MacBook Air that happily can be taken to events and used for video duty. Annoyingly it is a the model before they largely increased the battery life, so it mostly sits at home and captures 1080 video into a USB 3 SSD drive.


I “upgraded” from the 17" to a 13" MBA in 2011. I remember running the numbers and working out that the new 2011 i5 MBA had more power than the 2009 C2D 17" MBP and given I used it in the dock most of the time, all was well with the world. I will say that transporting the 13" MBA was very nice compared to the 17", but ultimately I went back to a 15" MBP in 2013 and am still using that today.

If 17" was an option, it would definitely be my next machine… wonder if they would ever give me numpad too :smiley:


Same - I loved my 17” MBP. Would get one in a heartbeat.


I still have a 2011 17" with the matt screen. Think about upgrading, but when you get used to the screen size the 15" looks too small.


When you do… I’ll buy it! [like I did your Mac Pro and 5S! :wink: ]


Out of interest I’ve posted details for a price check