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A series of Apple internal repair videos have leaked via a YouTube channel that uploaded the videos about a month ago. They’re for current products like the iMac Pro and the iPhone X and cover topics such as re-calibrating 3D Touch and replacing the speaker and battery in the iPhone X, so I’m surprised Apple hasn’t taken down the videos. Then again, it was just a weekend in the US, so either watch or download them now.

For the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros with Touch Bar, Apple uses the Customer Data Migration Tool to move your data from your dead machine with intact SSD to a new computer. It works by connecting to a special port on the logic board, which the 2018 MacBook Pros don’t have. MacRumors obtained an internal repair document that says there’s no way to transfer data from a failed 2018 MacBook Pro logic board, given the lack of the special port and now that the T2 chip provides hardware encryption for data stored on the SSDs.

Apple may include an 18W USB-C power adapter with this year’s iPhones, but you may require an Apple-certified charger if you want to fast-charge your iPhone at those kinds of speeds. It’s said third-party USB-C chargers will need USB-C Authentication certification to charge Apple devices at higher wattages, otherwise they’ll be limited to just 2.5W.

The word is that there’s a HomePod OS 12 private beta somewhere out there, likely seeded to Apple corporate employees and limited Apple retail employees. While that’s probably true, speculation about its major additional features including the ability to make and answer phone calls, set multiple timers, and use Find My iPhone read like pure speculation. Like many rumours, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Fraudulent credit card charges made via iTunes are affecting Apple customers in Singapore. While the story claims dozens of individuals have experienced fraudulent charges on their account, at least two individuals have had SG $7000 worth of iTunes purchases made on their account. Apple says they’re investigating the issue, confirming to one user that their card was used on an iTunes account that wasn’t their own.

Apple is expanding its Business Chat service, adding five US-specific brands to its text message-based communication method in addition to the ones it already has. The only downside to all of this is that Business Chat isn’t currently available outside of the US, like a number of recent Apple features.

Apple supplier BOE Technology wants a slice of the iPhone OLED display pie, and given that they’ve been an LCD supplier to Apple since 2015, it’s possible they’ll get it. You know, provided we’re all still around in 2020, which is when the company is expected to be able to supply OLED panels in the kinds of volume Apple requires according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The good news is, you can re-arrange the Control Centre toggles on your Apple Watch for easier access to the ones you use more often. The bad news is, this is a watchOS 5 feature which you’ll either need to be running the developer beta for, or wait until Apple releases it publicly sometime in September.

Love Notes to Newton” is a documentary about the before-its-time Apple product from the 90s that gained a cult following. The film covers how the Newton came to life, why it was never particularly successful, how Steve Jobs killed it off when he returned to Apple, and how Newtons are still being used today by enthusiasts. If you’re interested, you can rent or purchase the film on Vimeo.

CNBC talked to Hap Plain, who has somehow amassed a collection of Apple prototypes. His collection of over 250 unreleased models of iPhones, iPads, and Macs is impressive, but I’m curious about how he came across all of these machines.


Why do I feel Apple is doing everything it can to dissuade me from updating my MBA2013 to a current laptop. . . . .

Basically, they’re saying, even if you regularly backup you system, your f***ed for anything between last backup and catastrophic system failure.

(and don’t get me started on butterflies potentially killing the laptop)


Backups should always be continuous. Not sure there’s any excuse these days for “data between backups” to even exist on almost any computer - save perhaps the document you have open and the last few words you’ve typed if you then spill wine on it.

The only time that they could migrate data from 2016 MacBook Pros onwards was when there was nothing major wrong with the motherboard or ssd. SSDs fail hard when they fail, so backups are just as, if not more important than they’ve ever been since the SSD migration started 10 years ago.

You should never leave your computer with Apple with an expectation that the data will survive IMHO. Your data is your responsibility, and always has been. When you leave the machine with them, they even make you sign a disclaimer and have for 15 years. No conspiracy here if you ask me. :man_shrugging:


Just purchased a copy to watch. So many fond memories of Newton! I have a couple of eMates / Newtons somewhere at my parents’ place. While the 2100 was the “ultimate” Newton, for me the eMate was my most useful. I really do hope Apple release an iOS eMate-style device agains soon (i.e. an iPad with keyboard). It really was a wonderful machine - it was my Uni portable computer with a PowerMac at home. So perfect for note taking - compared with laptops at the time, having a device that laster days on battery was amazing for writing.


Backs up to TM automagically when I get home. Currently I could rip the SSD out and migrate to a replacement unit, but now it appears not even Apple could recover it (a new MBP SSD) :frowning:

Having an attached external drive to “continuously” backup an MBP/A kind of defeats the purpose of having an MBP/A.

Maybe I’ll have to start having a modicum of trust in using OPC (Cloud) based backups.


Mmm… true. But when I look at my Mac, the actual data stored only on my machine’s local drive is pretty minimal… Only things in-between backups or cloud syncs really are the screenshots on my desktop…

  • Email is IMAP
  • Contacts / Calendar / notes are iCloud
  • Photos is iCloud Photo Library
  • Music is iCloud Music Library
  • Tasks are synced with Things Cloud
  • 1Password syncs to Dropbox
  • ‘Documents’ are in Dropbox




Hoisted upon my own petard - LOLs


…just my email, the rest is local.


Right, so in that case something like Backblaze or other preferred cloud/NAS-based backup might be the better option.


Which takes us right back, to me, trusting my data, on other peoples computers . . .


So use Arq + B2, which allows you to use encryption keys only you store on your computer and just use Backblaze as a storage destination (all the data on which is encrypted). :man_shrugging:


Possibly not even required given Backblaze allows one to define their own encryption key.


Just reading on MacRumours that the 2018 MacBook Pro’s - if the logic board dies - cannot have their SSD’s recovered. The 2016 / 17 versions included a special port to recover data from the SSD’s that are soldered onto the board, but the latest version does not.

So - no back up - no data.

That sucks, Apple.

Dark Month for Apple Repairs

Did you also read speculation that said this was probably due to the hardware encryption provided by the T2 chip? And that if there was someway to recover data, that would defeat the purpose of that encryption in the first place?

While there’s probably a lot of people that are going to be bitten by this, it’s an unfortunate side effect of Apple doubling down on privacy and security.

Time to start giving Backblaze subscriptions as Christmas gifts to friends and family, I guess.


I’m pretty sure there was a thread on this already, but now that I’ve got NBN (and a reliable service), what options do I have for backups?


The Wirecutter now recommends Blackblaze. It has some weird limitations compared to their previous pick, Crashplan (RIP), but it’s the one I’d recommend for most users, too.

I would have a hard time naming a competitor that’s as reputable, TBH. I’ve heard of none of their alternatives.


Alright, I’ll give Backblaze a shot.

My concern is finding a way to stop it backing up on anything other than my home (or whitelisted) connections - I had Crashplan for a while and it backed up over 4G, resulting in a huge data bill.

Looks like LittleSnitch might be an option.


There’s an app for that:


Thanks, currently doing initial backup to Backblaze and have installed TripMode.

I had a Backblaze account ages ago but I discontinued it after a few days as uploading via ADSL2 wasn’t viable. From memory it was going to take about a month to complete the backup.