Tuesday Morning News

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is accelerating its car project, with plans for it to be ready by 2019. Thanks to the Journal, we also know that it won’t be driverless as originally rumoured, but with permission granted to triple the 600-strong team currently assigned to the project, Apple’s electric vehicle is now full stream ahead. With the release…

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I did not know about this! Excellent. Currently the temperature (11 degrees) is blue - does it change colour when it warms up?

From the linked Ars Technica story:

Hallelujah! Some actual common sense.

It’s 22 here currently and still blue…

I’m unreasonably excited about this bit. It’ll mean I can watch the next keynote at 3 in the morning, on my TV with headphones on :smiley:

Great video! I can’t wait to find out if we can install different stores apps on the one screen like we can with iOS. Fingers crossed.