Updating to macOS High Sierra


iOS 11.2 seems to finally have kicked the iOS uploads into running reliably. Had a number of clients with same issue I had - namely Photos just sat with an ever increasing number of photos to upload but never uploaded, and the pause and resume buttons did nothing. Probably saw 5 phones with the exact same symptom. Seems to be working reliably again after the updates.

I downloaded a lot of web pages into Evernote, and I store lots of PDF attachments in there too (think bills, scanned documents, etc.). Notes has been reliable since I rebuilt it from my macOS 10.12 Time Machine cache of my iCloud account (removing the Evernote import folder at the same time). I do occasionally still see shared notes fail to update instantly, and have to wait an indiscriminate length of time for notes to sync to my Mac from iPhone.


Ahhh, OK. Now I understand, different ways of approaching the same task.

I keep those in Documents (via iCloud Drive) - that way it backs up to Backblaze in a way that I could retrieve them directly from backup if required, if everything else failed.


I finally updated my main Mac to High Sierra (unfortunately due to necessity). I wish they hadn’t removed all my files… Why must they delete useful features for the heck of it?


I finally got High Sierra 10.13 to run perfectly on my Mac Pro 3,1. So of course, I had to try to go up to 10.13.3, herp derp, now my GTX 660 doesn’t work anymore (I’ve gotten ahold of the new newest NVIDIA drivers , .156 and .157, but I haven’t tried to install them yet). In the mean time, of course, Sierra is still running perfectly on the 3,1, even with the latest security update. I just do not know why High Sierra harblgarbls on my video card. It should be supported.

EDIT: .156 works, all good:

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