Using an older iPod on a new car stereo


I am going to buy a new car stereo and would like one that allows me to have my 5th gen iPod connected plus Bluetooth for connecting my iPhone (it only has a small amount of music, hence the need for my nice big iPod). Kenwood do a few that seem to fit the bill, including one that bolts straight in to my car and uses the steering wheel controls.

Is there any reason why an older iPod shouldn’t work? The manual shows a 30-pin connector cable as an option. However, the Kenwood website has a handy tool to check for compatible devices, and it says that anything older than iPod touch 5th gen won’t work.


Which car are you installing this into… also, what model Kenwood?


Toyota RAV4
Kenwood DDX717BTW or DDX4017BT


So this one:

or this one:

Why not one of the ones that supports CarPlay?

In any case, you’re correct that the manuals don’t seem to list iPods at all (other than the touch). It does work with a 30pin connector and the iPhone 4… I wonder if it’s a case of they just don’t talk about it?? Maybe?? In any case, it might be worth heading into your local car stereo place and just try and plug one it. You should be able to find some place that has one installed in a display you can play with.


Not that interested in CarPlay at the moment (plus they are much more expensive), and I want the 60GB capacity of my iPod, plus the 717 fits in the dash without brackets or extra cables, including steering wheel controls. Adding the extras to the cost of the 4017 almost brings it up to the price of the custom fit 717. Also, the 717 has the volume controls on the correct (right) side of the unit!

I have just found the older version of the 717, called, surprisingly the DDX616WBT and it’s available for over $100 less and does all I need! It also (according to the Kenwood list) can connect to tmy iPod.

I suspect the Toyota-specific 717/917 and the older 616 models are only available in Japan, Australia and SE Asia.


I have installed the Kenwood


DDX616WBT and it does all I need. I had to buy a steering wheel control plug ($10) as the one in my car seems to be bigger than standard. Other than that it really was plug n play. I also bought the recommended 30 pin iPod cable.
Have since added a new pair of front speakers, put an old subwoofer in the boot and ordered a set of rear speakers.
I can play music and video from my iPod and receive calls and stream Apple Music from my iPhone. Nav apps on the iPhone also play alerts through the speakers.