What do you collect?


I am a huge Apple fan. Pretty obvious fact being a member of this site. I collect all things Apple but mainly focus on the “Steve returns” era. I also collect retro Nintendo. All things NES to GameCube.

So what do you collect? Watches? ALF pogs? Haha

Also how does your partner cope? My girlfriend probably would faint if I brought home yet another iMac G3


My collection is much the same as yours.
TAM and 5500 are my earliest machines. I focus to on the Steve returns machines. I only like the aesthetically pleasing and unusual models.
I also collect iPods and assorted Apple merchandise and promotional material.

I have a healthy NES, SNES through to Wii U collection as well.

My wife hates my collecting. Says it takes up too much room.


I don’t really collect any Apple or electronic stuff.

But I do have a pretty sizeable (about 1500-2000) trance record collection (I used to be a trance DJ)

Current collections
Barrell aged Russian Imperial Stouts. This is my only real collectable. I have some beers I intended to age for 10 years or so.
I do buy alot of coffee beans of varying origins and blends,but I wouldn’t say I collect them (mainly because coffee has an extremely short shelf life). When doing a tasting session I like to collecf a copy of the trading notes if they’ve been prepared. I have a monthly coffee subscription and have an electronic and paper copy of the tasting notes and vouchers that I get with it.

I also own 3 trumpets, the trumpet I learnt to play on which appeared in my grandfather’s second hand shop about 20 years ago. The trumpet I completed high school with about 10-15 years ago and my current playing horn (I’m on a break atm though.)


Lego. I like Lego.


Macs, Vintage Electrical Fittings (Australian), certain series of books, Insulators, vintage Australian (60s/70s) Dial phones, coins and stamps…

I collect way too much :stuck_out_tongue:


Kilograms, but I’m working on reducing my collection :grinning:


I have a tiny collection of unique stickers. Well, I think they’re unique - things like Daily WTF stickers, Gmail keyboard shortcut stickers, that kind of thing.

Oh, black Apple logo stickers, can’t forget those.


Awesome. I have some other apple bits and pieces like a Macworld iMac G4 poster. I have always wanted a TAM. Maybe this is the year haha. I don’t have a big WiiU collection but I am looking forward to the new star fox.


I’m a collector at heart - I collect various things, from golden age comics, to 1st edition scifi/fantasy, to musical instruments. I also had a half-garageful of vintage Macs that I gave away a couple of years ago to a fellow MacTalker. I owned a few vintage cars for a while too, but sold them when I started a family. I only have a few select items now - my wife keeps me grounded and ensures I don’t hoard too much!


Yes I think thats me as well. Collector at heart. Something about a complete set of something which is so appealing, yet I never seem to get there :stuck_out_tongue:


My daughter and I collect Lego too. We have way too much Lego! I received the Lego Death Star for Christmas. I have not opened the box as yet, but am tempted to sell it as it is too big to store in my house long term and seems to have doubled in price now. It’ selling for $1200 on eBay now.


If that Secret Of Monkey Island Lego set miraculously gets the signatures it needs to be considered and manufactured then I might become a Lego collector too.


Spores, moulds, and fungus…


Vinyl. But I’m not crazy about it. I just buy records I like, not stuff that I think will be valuable one day. Because nobody is ever going to think that a 12" copy of Prince’s ‘Batdance’ is valuable in any way.

My wife encourages me to some degree. Sometimes her advice will be ‘if you want it, you should buy it’. At other times she’s more ‘maybe think about it’. That’s usually her reaction when I find another Prince single. :’(


I collect vinyl. I recently started to update my analog rigv and I am now buying vinyl of artists I couldnt get on vinyl when I bought a CD version. Some are audiophile pressings too. Some copies are of newer artists Ive discovered too.


I’ve grown a bit of a fascination for Polaroid cameras, got about 7 so far from various eras


Rotring Fountain Pens. Most of these rotate through everyday use too. I’ve got a few interesting pieces and am still keeping an eye out for a Rotring 600 or two in the various finishes but prices are just going insane (should have bought them a few years back when they were only crazy).

These are the real pens:
New Orleans - Blue
Esprit - Tourmaline Green
Esprit - Metallic Blue
Freeway - Blue
Freeway - Silver
Freeway - Red
Newton (600 inspired?) - Silver
Newton (600 inspired?) - Lava
Newton - Copper
Rotring 900 - Silver

These ones are the cheap plastic “disposable” versions (although they all use the same cartridges as the real ones).
Altro - Pink
Rivette - Blue
Rivette - Green
Rivette - Transparent Blue
Surf - Blue
Surf - Green
Surf - Yellow
Surf - Transparent Red
Surf - Transparent Red
Altro - Pink
Rivette - Blue
Rivette - Green
Rivette - Transparent Blue
Surf - Blue
Surf - Green
Surf - Yellow
Surf - Transparent Red
Surf - Transparent Red


I’m a fan of rotring myself :wink:

I don’t collect anything anymore, I quickly lose interest in things. I did have a huge hardcover book collection but I donated the majority of that when I got an iPad. I started collecting amiibos but I got over that almost as quickly as I got into it. I started a vinyl collection but that lost out to the convenience of spotify and airplay.

Would it be a stretch to say I collect video games? I have a massive backlog on my shelf and in steam but I just love the darn things. For the longest time I never considered myself a gamer, but I bought a Wii U after seeing people play Smash Bros and it awoke something inside of me I tell you!


I’m slowly getting into fountain pens. It’s hard to justify in an increasingly digital world though.


If anything I find it easier! These are something unique and beautiful to use, even if it’s less than it used to be. I get lots of comments on them and have started noticing more people using them. Seems people want something nice to write with for those few times they need to.

Personally I’m a suit, tie (with tie pin), cuff link and fountain pen sort of guy… Something a little different compared to many of my colleagues who have abandoned the tie and jacket most of the time. I know it’s not needed so much anymore, but I like it.