Who is beta testing High Sierra?


I don’t have anything of any importance on the MacBook Pro at the moment. I also keep back ups of back ups of back ups, and as such, wouldn’t lose anything if the system burped. No big deal.

The Mac Pro on the other hand… Running Sierra and staying that way until I am satisified all the kinks are out and I have drivers.


I gave the gm candidate a go and I found out they’ve removed google integration with messages. I use that a lot every day, and I appreciate being able to handle all my chats in the one app, so I might hold off on high sierra until it breaks at google’s end.

It also broke the night shift and handoff hacks I put on my old laptop. Maybe they’ll be updated soon to work, maybe not, so also another reason to wait for me.

Updating to macOS High Sierra

Been running it since GM was released. Happy so far, no real issues but no big differences that I can see. Maybe I need to search harder


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