Why does the aTV 4 come with a lightning cable?


Can anyone explain with the aTV4 comes with a lightning cable?

I had assumed it was a USB to USB-C cable, given there is a USB-C port on the back (and I now need to reset the aTV)…


It’s used to charge the remote.


What is the remote battery life like?


I only use my Apple TV a few times a week and I’ve only had to charge the remote twice in a year.



Like JDOZ, I’ve only had to charge mine twice in a year as well.


You have to plug your remote into a USB port, if you don’t have one spare on your TV you’re gonna need an adapter. I have had no issues with my Apple remote yet, in fact with the track pad and button its much improved over the old clicky thing that I threw in the the drawer for my Apple TV 3, and programed my existing remote for. It actually makes the Apple TV experience, along with the apps, a liberating experience if you’ve soldiered through using an Apple TV 3.

No issue with the battery life yet, it lasts many hours particularly if you plug it in after you use it.


I think I’ve only charged the remote on my twice since I’ve had it (how long ago was it released now?)

Also remember there’s an Apple TV Remote app you can use on your phone if the real remote is charging which provides the same functionality.


I quite like the new way of charging various Apple devices through Lightning cables. I got one with the new iMac for charging the keyboard and mouse as well as the one for the ATV 4. The extra cables come in handy too just to have around.


A story for another day but I have a love/hate relationship with the Apple TV. I think overall it’s a well designed piece of kit but Apple seem to think slow internet connections are a thing of the past.


I have similar issues but in their defense most places in the world didn’t have their ‘fast internet’ deliberately slowed down by the local government.


If they’re selling their products here there’s an onus on them to make them compatible with our average home internet connections.