Will China implode before (or after?) it becomes the dominant world power?



Me no know much 'bout China.

They built a wall. Pagodas. Have some bamboo loving bears. Only allowed 1 child. Threaten kids with tanks. Build mega cities, then abandon them. Build replica Sphinxes for fun. Build iPhones…

What I do know from the popular (but not too trashy) press (aka ABC) is that the USA’s reign as the world’s Super Power is all but over, with China taking up the seat, helped by a very eager President Xi Jinping, who if I understood correctly, is now set to hold his power until a major uprising de-thrones him.

What else I know is that China heavily blinkers its people’s view of the world (internet filter, controlled media), in addition to the heavy handed control over religion (ie banning it) and a whole lot more. They are also either the most populous country, or 2nd?

Meanwhile however those who can are leaving China to take up residence in other, less constricted habitats, finding the freedoms offered in those places quite liberating compared to the restrictive rule of the “People’s Republic of China”.

My question thus is - how long will it be before the people of China decide that this isn’t really a good thing, and revolt?

I physically laugh out loud when I hear talk of the people of Australia staging a revolution against the powers-that-be - because - I just can’t picture enough Aussies giving a rats. Whilst perhaps not perfect, our system of democracy gives us power to kick out the ruling party every few years (anyone seen the results in Wagga Wagga?), which tends to be enough to placate the masses. (Yes, it doesn’t really achieve much change, because Labour & Liberal almost play from the same handbook, but the token change makes people feel better, and the change brings balance to the country, with Labour tending to help the little people whilst they are in power, then the Liberals pushing power back to the upper echelons.)

What I don’t know is - are the people of China equally easily placated? Are they truly by and large kept so far in the dark as to not appreciate what’s happening on the world stage? Is the mentality one of - Hey, we’re going to be a Super Power - who cares if 1m Chinese people are in re-education camps because they believe in God… What re-education camps?

I’m still frankly shocked we’re all still alive this far into Trump’s reign of terror, but now thinking maybe Trump wasn’t even the worst possible outcome as far as world leaders are concerned…



PS This water cooler is making me thirsty.


I think I just wet my pants.

1984 has nothing on this.


Anyone who wants to know China’s intention only has to take a look at the Spratley Islands in the South China Sea. Check it out on google earth… then do it again next year. The Islands are a long way from China, but not that far from both Vietnam and the Philippines which claim ownership of the Islands, but which have not got the military power to stop China. Nobody has.

History teaches us that China is expansionist, its tried many times before and will continue to do so, except now, it has the muscle to back it up. Take a look at what happened in Tibet. Chinese farmers moved in, and the military was not far behind, and then suddenly, Tibet is being ruled by China.

Xi Jin Ping believes in his divine right to the position he’s in now. He will never be ousted, only death will see him gone. Some believe he is the reincarnation of Mao. I think he probably does, too.

China’s military and economic influence extends far beyond its borders, and anyone ignoring it does so at their own peril. I’m glad I will be long gone before Australia becomes a Chinese state.

As for that video… I saw it too, its terrifying. China is perfecting its control at home, - and its doing well because the population does not think theres anything wrong with it - before it starts on the rest of us. (whoops I just lost my 800 social credit points)


Everything you’ve written can equally be assigned to Trump as well.


We might not like Trump but he’s hardly in the same league. Xi can never be removed from office.


Trump doesn’t have the same resources.