Wireless VOIP Adapter?


I’m finally in the process of moving from ADSL to naked DSL with iiNet, about a year and more wasted line rental $$$ after I first contemplated it.

iiNet’s plans include their Netphone service and so I’m getting a new modem that is VOIP capable and can take a standard POTS phone and allow you to use that over VOIP, which got me thinking that one of the reasons I never use the phone is that it’s in the wrong place.

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a Wireless VOIP Adapter that I can plug a POTS phone into and it connects to my Wifi to make/receive VOIP calls? I tried googling but it seems somewhat of a niche request!


Probably because you can pick up a wireless VOIP handset for about the same money that a wireless VOIP adapter would cost?

Unless there’s a really good reason you want to hang onto your POTS phone?


Ha ha I didn’t say it was a rational request! I’ve got a retro bright red rotary dial phone on my desk that’s been converted to digital dialling so it works with modern exchanges, except its not plugged in as the phone line (and also where the VoIP modem would be) isn’t nearby. It might be cheaper to wire it up the old fashioned way though I guess.


Your only solution here is to get an old DECT POTS device and put its base plugged into your rj11 port on the router (pstn1) and put the other cordless DECT phone else where…

EDIT: or just go buy a cordless wifi voip capable phone straight up.


This is what I’d like to use over VOIP:



You can, but it will need to be close enough to plug into the routers ATA phone port… which will make it work with VoIP.


Yup, it’s not close enough… suspect I’m in for a weekend of DIY rewiring, or securing an extension lead into the wall to make it look as though it’s supposed to be there permanently!


Get a VoIP ATA and a set of Ethernet over Power adapters.


We recently joined the NBN (FTTN) and this is something I have been planning to get to.

I have a FritzBox 7390* and yet to confirm I can just plug in the basic cordless phone we have to use as a (VOIP) landline.

  • I may need to replace the FritzBox — there are regular connected drops, and I have yet to have iiNet try and identify the source…