WWDC 2015 Keynote Wrap Up: Gender and Wrist Diversity Edition

In what was the longest keynote to date, Apple showed us a number of firsts. Apple’s Vice President of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, was the first woman to take to the Keynote stage, and for the most part, we got what we wanted in terms of small improvements across the board in OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, and watchOS.…

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I only know how to pronounce El Capitan because of Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier.

I only know how to pronounce it from the OPM song.


Also. This is going to sound pretty sad but I’m really looking forward to the new Notes apps.

Just read about Music at the Apple website and it looks like a winner. It’s got the best parts of Beats in it. It also looks like if you subscribe to Music you really don’t need to keep your iTunes Match subscription, but you can still purchase Match separately if you don’t want Music.

So do you still get a form of iTunes radio with Match?

I don’t understand the confusion about how to pronounce El Capitan. It’s pronounced exactly how it looks!
I like the new Notes too.

And therein lies the confusion: Yosemite wasn’t like that at all!

Pronounced like Vegemite; everybody knows that

Only just saw this but humans are naturally dyslexic. I’m going to take bets on how many times we hear it pronounced ‘El Captain’ over the next 12 months.

I think we’ll all end up calling it El Cap. It’s just one of those weird words that people will argue the pronunciation of.