Xbox <-> Movies on a Mac?



Is there a way to get an XBox One S to access the contents of a Mac hard drive that’s on the same network using the Media Player / etc apps?

Plex can play content from the Mac’s drive without an issue, but the other apps just can’t see it.

Normally it’s not a HUGE issue - I just use Plex - but today the Net was down all day in Geelong, and Plex would not work without internet access (!). (I’ve done some reading; gather there’s a work-around… will investigate…)

It would be a lot easier if the XBox could just see the Mac’s drives…




IIRC the Media Player app requires a DNLA server to stream the content to it. Something like Serviio should do the trick.


If it just needs DNLA, then setting that up in the PLEX server should work.