AirPods 2nd Gen, Pro + Max - heavy discounts

Apple has launched on Amazon Australia and is offering appreciable discounts on some products

26% off AirPods Pro ($399 to $295) -
24% off AirPods 2nd Gen w/ CC ($249 to $188) -
23% off AirPods 2nd Gen w/ WCC ($319 to $245) -
18% off AirPods Max ($899 to $738) -
Also 10% of Apple Macs.

This is weird. AirPods Max prices by colour:
$738.00 - Silver
$739.00 - Grey or Pink
$739.98 - Green
$748.00 - Blue

Seems like this offer began last week, may not last into August, who knows.

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Some fairly decent deals there!

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Does anyone know if you can buy AppleCare for a product not purchased directly from Apple?

Yep - you sure can. You’ve got 60 days from memory.

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Shame it’s on Amazon (such an unethical company).

Might be apple PR in that they want such prices at arms length…

But you can help fund Bezos’ dream to be a real astronaut…

Should also be able to price match at Officeworks, if you want things immediately/dislike Amazon for whatever reason.


Was looking to see if it’s really “Apple” who is selling the product… Very unlike them to discount so heavily. Maybe just stock purchased by Amazon, as it does say it ships from Amazon - though I know they also warehouse product for their suppliers.

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Just checked the Officeworks website. They have the same discounts as Amazon, except for the AirPods Max, so could potentially get them for ~$700.

Actually, the AirPods 2nd Gen w/ wireless charging case is $245 on Amazon but $246 at Officeworks, so you could probably price match and get them for $232.75 :slight_smile: