AirPods Pro on work PC, WFH setup

Just thought I’d share my experiences on getting my AirPods Pro to work on a PC laptop (Toshiba Protége, supplied by new employer). And ask for experiences with WFH lighting setups.

Audio/AirPods on PC
I was able to pair them relatively easily, and connect to them (not automatically) when I want to use them. Primarily for MS Teams meetings.

Unfortunately they do not work very when attempting to use both the mic and the headphones (speakers). When trying to use both, the volume in the headphones is 100% and not adjustable. I find some references on the interwebs to them not being support in Teams, which may be linked to the bluetooth bandwidth.

That aside, I have got them work with the headphones with adjustable volume, and use a different mic.

For my WFH set-up, with a seperate display, I invested $$ in a Razer Kiyo Pro and use the mic in that. The Kiyo is impressive in terms of video quality on low light. On may Mac, I had been using the built in iSight camera in my 24" Cinema Display, and had also used the camera in my 2017 MBP previously. The low-light picture quality is not very good (I have not decided on WFH lighting setup yet). I will be testing the Kiyo with my Mac setup at some point. Given the experience on the PC, I think it will also be quite significant a difference.

WFH Lighting
In terms of lighting, I am not sure which direction to go as yet. I have thought about a Benq ScreenBar for some time (which will not improve video lighting), and at the other end the Elgato Key Light Air (potentially 2, which adds $$ and some desktop clutter) or a cheaper alternative in the Lume Cube Video Conferencing lighting kit).

Given the low light image quality of the Kiyo Pro, it reduced the need for broader lighting, though lighting might still help with productivity.

Interested in other’s set-ups and what is working for you…

My WFH setup is located in my garage. It’s something I have slowly upgraded over the last two years and contains the majority of my tech gear.

As far as my primary work related gear:

  • Work MBP sits up on the bench in a stand and has a single thunderbolt cable connected to an elgato TB3 dock in one of the ‘cubbies’.
  • The 34" LG Ultrawide connects to the dock via an active mini DP to HDMI adapter.
  • I have a Logitech Brio webcam sitting on top of the monitor which I use for video and audio in.
  • I use a Creative Stage Soundbar for audio out.
  • Input - Logitech G915 and Magic Trackpad.
  • For lighting I have the LIFX Beam around the TV on the bench, and I can change that to a variety of colours including white / warm light.
  • Have a pull up Elgato green screen that I can put behind me if I feel the need to look a little extra professional.

Otherwise there is a lot of other tech within reach. But I also use a PC attached to the TV to play some YouTube or music while working. Not to mention general browsing.

If anyone is interested in some of the other equipment, let me know and I’ll be happy to respond.

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