Always On Screen... keeps turning off?

Anyone else have an issue where the setting for always on screen keeps turning itself off?

I’m running 17.2.1 but it’s always been an issue on my 15 Pro Max (the 13 Pro Max didn’t have always on for me to know the difference).

Not had any problems on my 15 Pro. Have you done all the iOS updates?

All updates done and this time around it was a clean start without a backup so there should be no cludge coming forward from a prior setting. When I posted this a couple of days ago I had to turn this back on again right now! I haven’t done anything special or different, just keeps turning itself back off. Buggered if I know why!

Just noticed this morning that the setting has turned itself off again :frowning: ??

Nothing new done, not even used the battery until it dropped into battery save or anything that could impact any setting that I can think of. Charged as normal.

iOS 17.3 and still happening :frowning:

I’ve been reading and there is a suggestion that using Do Not Disturb could be causing the problem. Basically, it turns off the always-on display when enabled, then turns it off when disabled… except sometimes it doesn’t. It’s further suggested that it works perfectly when DND is enabled/disabled manually… which makes me think it’s either not that, or at the very least not that in isolation.