Anyone got the new iPad Pro? Thoughts?

Looking to get a new ipad and trying to work out which size to go for.
Any idea on whether the 16GB is worth it?

I haven’t got it yet however I do have some thoughts. The extra ram will probably help a lot with stuff like apps running in the background and performance, not sure how noticeable it will be in your day to day though. However. WWDC is around the corner and that’ll be a good indicator whether apple will be putting their money where their mouth is and giving us their pro apps such as Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro which will absolutely benefit from double the ram.

If you’re not in a rush, I’d wait and see how WWDC goes and see how you feel after that

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Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. I’m not in a rush but I may go for the 1TB model to be on the safe side.

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A friend has the 1tb model and suggested the lack of safari tabs reloading on app switching was worth the additional cost alone.

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You’re welcome, yeah 1TB should be more than fine for most anyway. And with the thunderbolt port using storage expansion will be a breeze.

Yes, I received my 11-inch iPad Pro yesterday. Upgrading from iPad 10.5, noticeable improved screen quality, love face ID, blazingly fast, and generally very happy with it. One annoyance is the different charging cable, means I now have to pack another charging type when I travel, which I do often, to go with my iPhone charger, my Apple Watch charger, and my headphones charger, three which now have three different charging types!. So that’s an annoyance. But that aside, love it!