ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget


Just attended a dawn service here in Geelong for ANZAC Day.

First one in a while - I think the last time we were up that early on ANZAC Day was 2020, in lockdown, we stood at the curb and my son (then 12) played the Last Post on his tenor horn.

It was good to see such a large turnout. In my lifetime (or at least, since I first attended a ceremony around 23 years ago) there’s been a real change as the last original ANZACs have passed, and now most WWII veterans as well. (I figure you’d have to be about 95 to have fought in WWII…)

I’ve heard that the hope was that by the time the original ANZACs were gone, we wouldn’t need ANZAC Day any more. And sadly that hasn’t happened… But I am also happy to give up a sleep in to pay respect to those who defend our country (or thankfully moreso - help other people during times of conflict).




Rather a different ANZAC morning this year to last… Everyone in the house getting over colds and general unwellness, so watched some of the march on the ABC, but didn’t attend any service.

Told some stories to the kids about our grandfathers who fought in WWII, and my wife’s great grandfather who fought in WWI and WWII.

Scary seeing how countries are sliding back in the direction of fascism.

Yes. What happened about learning from our mistakes? History repeating…

Especially talk of one of Germany’s biggest political leaders quoting Nazi sentiments in a speech recently… :frowning: Not that I’m singling Germany out - there’s a lot of it going round right now…

I really don’t want my kids fighting in WWIII, and my oldest is 16…

Whoever thought we see such a public and prolific genocide in our lives… and very little being done (by governments) to stop it. :cry:

I can understand the hesitation to go “full in” with Ukraine, given the potential for Russian retaliation… And I am glad we are doing “something” even if it’s “not enough”. (It isn’t.) It feels quite clear-cut - Ukraine was part of Russia, but it’s been independent for literal decades, and Russia has no claim. Putin is a war criminal.

I don’t understand Israel / Palestine… I gather it’s similarly a bit of a David vs Goliath struggle… and David slung a rock at Goliath and then Goliath started stomping all over David and his family. And it’s a problem that began almost a century ago and is embedded into their way of life now and no solution will probably ever be found… But America supplying weapons to Israel sure feels wrong! And after reading about Australia’s hush hush deals with Israel, I don’t think we’re any better…

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Also fail to see how its self defence… But, the Zionists want what they want and they will stomp on anyone who gets in the way.

What I want to know is this: why is everyone so scared of upsetting Israel?

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My best understanding of it comes down to the holocaust. You can’t be seen to be attacking the Jewish people (ie Israel) because the Nazi’s killed so many of them during WWII. That is likely a massive generalisation… but the only “logic” I can think of.

WWII’s “winners” really stuffed up that part of the world…

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There are a couple of interesting videos on the Imperial War Museum YouTube channel:

The origins of the Israel-Palestine conflict - Part 1

How the Israel-Palestine conflict began Part 2