Apple Mail - Something better (and free)?


For the past few days I’ve been trying to start updating my email address everywhere.

This typically involves [XYZ] sending you an email to verify the change.

In most cases this has happened as you would expect - an email appears in the inbox, with a link or code to verify your new email address.

However, several [XYZ]'s emails were not, apparently, reaching me.

Google was one. I assumed Google hated me (long story), but no… when I eventually tried performing a search for “google” in Apple Mail’s search box - it found the dozen or so confirmation emails that I’ve requested. But, if I go into my inbox - it’s not there.


What’s a good alternative to Apple Mail? Any such thing as a good, free, alternative? (Not web based…)

Cheers and thanks

cosmic hobo
the cosmic hobo, you might say

Outlook for Mac is now free.,%2C%20beautiful%2C%20and%20now%20free.

But I hate it.

I would suggest if you’ve been using apple mail for years and it’s been migrated between multiple computers it may be best to rebuild all the indexes.

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Hi folks,
Does anyone know if you do use Outlook with an iCloud email address and you use custom admins (iCloud+) Idoes this work with Outlook? or any other third party mail app other than macOS Mail?